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The Green Bay Way

A Storied Success

The Green Bay Way, by Peter Kraker, is the second project of the Teaching Press. It chronicles the history of one of the most successful programs of college women’s basketball. All proceeds from each sale supported the Green Bay women’s basketball team!

Matt Bollant, Kevin Borseth and Carol Hammorle, the three coaches for the women's basketball program
20 Interns

Since 2019, community support provides a hands-on learning environment for students from a wide range of majors.

2500 Hours

Our talented team spent around 2500 hours working on this project from Fall 2019 through May 2021.

8 New Jobs

A new way of collaborating and more need for fact checking resulted in new jobs for the Teaching Press.

Students meet with Professor Rebecca Meacham over ZoomStudents meet with Professor Rebecca Meacham over ZoomStudents meet with client over ZoomStudents and client work at iMac desktop

Collaboration Through Covid

In early March 2020, Peter Kraker came to the Teaching Press with a 300+ page manuscript. Days later, our campus shut down. Despite the pandemic, our staff got back on track via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The result? A 194-page, non-fiction historical perspective of UW-Green Bay women’s basketball.

Our Pandemic Process 

Support Student Success

Without community support, the creation of The Green Bay Way – a story about an incredible team of women accomplishing amazing feats – would have never been possible! Consider making a tax-deductible donation to help students earn unmatched experience in design, copyediting, client engagement, project management and more.

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Rebecca Meacham

Meet with Meacham

If you have any questions about The Green Bay Way, get in touch with our Press director, Professor Rebecca Meacham.

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