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Call Me Morgue

Death Work is

Call Me Morgue, written by debut author Morgan Moran and illustrated by Ali Juul, is based on the author’s blog, which chronicles her journey into death work as a mortician’s apprentice after a 12-year career in advertising. With a blend of lively illustrations and vibrant personal essays, Call Me Morgue is a compassionate, absurd, self-deprecating and uncensored look into the world of funeral work and the surprising purpose Morgan finds there.

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Author Morgan Moran, meets with students over Zoom
Project managers holds up rough copy of Call Me MorgueSilhouettes carrying casket, illustration for Call Me MorgueSkeletal hands holding flower, illustration for Call Me MorgueStudent works with Teaching Press Equipment

All Hands On Deck

Call Me Morgue is the fifth title from The Teaching Press and was adapted in the Summer and Fall of 2021. A team of fourteen students, including the book’s illustrator, Ali Juul, contributed to and directed marketing, editing, client engagement and press releases, among other services. The book was also made right here on campus using Teaching Press machinery and materials.

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About the Author

Morgan Moran head shot

Morgan Moran quit her advertising job in 2020 to join the funeral world and learn more about life through death. She keeps a blog of her death lessons (Call Me Morgue) in an effort to normalize Western society’s fear of death, dying, and loss. She recently moved to the UK with her husband to find a spooky home in the Scottish highlands. More about Morgan can be found on her website at

About the Illustrator

Illustration of Call Me Morgue illustrator, Ali Juul

Ali Juul is a writer and illustrator based out of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. She specializes in digital art and has an affinity for colorful and cartoony art styles. She earned her B.F.A. in Writing and Applied Arts from UW-Green Bay in 2021.

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