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Undergraduate Programs

Psychology (BS)

Learn to navigate the inner workings of the human mind with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. The principles of psychology are used in nearly every field. Regardless of the career path you choose, our online degree in psychology can assist you in refining the analytical skills you need to understand interpersonal interaction. *May also be completed as a minor program. 
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Business Administration (BBA)

UW-Green Bay is the perfect place to complete your business degree completely online. In addition to preparing for a career in business or a related area, Business Administration students develop a strong foundation of skills to begin or continue their next step in a variety of organizations. *May also be completed as a minor program. 
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Accounting (BBA)

UW-Green Bay is proud to offer an accounting degree completely online. Our students gain a broad business background necessary to understand the role of accounting in the business world, and launch their careers in professional accounting. *May also be completed as a minor program. 
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Organizational Leadership (BA/BAS)

Organizational Leadership is a program designed for students who seek to complete a bachelor’s degree that focuses on leadership in various areas, including Early Childhood Education, Emergency Management, Nonprofit Leadership, Leadership in Public Service and more. *May also be completed as a minor program. 
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Health Information Management and Technology (HIMT)

Designed with an understanding that the health information field is changing, the online UW-Green Bay Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management and Technology (HIMT) provides the knowledge and competencies you need to qualify for jobs in tomorrow’s technology-based healthcare environments.
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Nursing (BSN)

Specializing in online Nursing and Health Studies, we offer a high quality, user-friendly program with flexible transfer policies and excellent student support. You can work around your schedule, accessing and completing coursework at different times, even overnights or weekends.

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Public Administration

If you have ever thought about a career that focuses on community leadership and quality of life, this major is for you. Public Administration alumni are employed in a variety of roles as managers in nonprofit and government organizations. *May also be completed as a minor program. 
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Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS)

Are you interested in taking the next step in your education, but not certain that you are ready for the full four-year degree? Are you looking for an option that will allow you flexibility at work, or as you continue your education? We can help.
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Graduate Programs

Data Science (MS)

Find your future in big data! Every industry is looking for data scientists. UW-Green Bay’s Master of Science in Data Science program will teach you how to clean, organize, analyze and interpret unstructured data, deriving knowledge and communicating your discoveries clearly.

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Health and Wellness Management (MS)

Change peoples lives with an online Health and Wellness Management master’s degree. We strive to provide our graduates the skills they need to design, develop, implement, and manage health and wellness programs that effect lasting change.

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Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Systems (MS)

Take your nursing degree to the next level at UW-Green Bay. You'll gain knowledge and skills to improve leadership, fiscal management, evaluative methods, information systems, healthcare policy, communication, and organizational behavior.

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Sustainable Management (MS)

Designed for working adults with real-world experience, the online UW Master of Science in Sustainable Management will strengthen and expand your knowledge of sustainability and environmental issues, preparing you for high-level leadership positions at your current organization or at top companies around the world.

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Certificate Programs

Nonprofit Management Certificate

No matter your major, you can earn an 18 credit certificate and obtain hands-on skills in fundraising, management, evaluation, financial management, and human resources.

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Emergency Management Certificate

Learn to plan and respond to emergency situations in local communities with this 15 credit certificate. Many of our instructors work in emergency management offices and bring expertise to the online classroom.

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