Look to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to meet your agency or organization’s personal or professional development needs. We provide effective training opportunities and customized trainings onsite for health and human services professionals throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Workshops are offered through UW-Green Bay and the Northeast Wisconsin Alliance for Social Worker and Professional Counselor Continuing Education. Learn more. »

Ethics and Boundaries: Trauma-Informed Practice 

Dates through February 2019

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Clinical Supervision Certificate

This 30-hour certificate program provides the necessary requirements for licensure as a clinical supervisor of substance abuse counselors. This certificate includes five trainings in the areas of assessment and evaluation, counselor development, management and administration, professional responsibility, and psychopharmacology designed to increase the knowledge base and clinical competencies required of clinical supervisors.

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First Nations Professional Workshops

UW-Green Bay’s First Nations Professional Workshops will increase participant’s understanding of issues related to the history, culture and tribal sovereignty of the federally recognized Native American Nations and bands in Wisconsin. This certificate provides five full-day intensive sessions on experiential learning and accurate, authentic information in order to improve and enrich professional practice that is culturally appropriate and reflective of First Nations peoples.

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Building Cultural Competence: Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community

This training will develop and enrich your knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community and share the history of the struggles they have faced. Do you know and understand the history of the Gay Rights Movement? What states allow for legal same-gender marriage? What does the ‘+’ or the ‘Q’ in the title of this training mean? Explore the history and development of the LGBTQ+ culture, movement and advocacy through the 20th century and into the 21st century. Strengthen your knowledge and practice with people of this community and experience a culture and history often untold.
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