Look to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to meet your agency or organization’s personal or professional development needs. We provide effective training opportunities and customized trainings onsite for health and human services professionals throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Workshops are offered through UW-Green Bay and the Northeast Wisconsin Alliance for Social Worker and Professional Counselor Continuing Education. Learn more. »

Upcoming Events

Ethics & End of Life: Past, Progress, and Practice

This training will explore the reasons for evolution of modern ethical principles and how these principles relate to current practice in end of life care. It delves into the reasons why procedures and protocols exist which enhances practitioner understanding and increases ease of use in practice. Practitioners will gain knowledge of how politics, law and religion interface with medical ethics and how this affects end of life decision-making. A deeper understanding of how actual historical events have shaped expectations and practice considerations can be gained and used in their workplace and day to day decision-making. 
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Building Resiliency at Home and at Work: It Makes Me Happy

This training offers a fresh perspective and new take on mindfulness, gratitude, and resilience to address thoughts which lead to anxiety and increased stress levels and flip them to improve overall wellbeing and job performance. This is accomplished through the use of skill-building exercises and tools to help participants reconnect with their authentic selves and provides a simple formula to find joy in their lives.
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Communication Skills: How to Deal with Challenging Behaviors and Help Prevent Crisis Situations

This training will provide practitioners with the tools to improve their communication skills to deal with challenging behaviors and situations in order to prevent a crisis from occurring. A crisis is defined as a significant threat that can have negative consequences, if not handled properly. Participants will enhance their awareness of key communication styles, elements and techniques which will help them employ practical strategies and techniques to help prevent crisis situations. These techniques can also be used to de-escalate a situation which is already occurring. Upon completion of the training, participants will synthesize the models with their current practice and develop a individualized prevention plan.
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Crossing the Bridge Trainings

Customer Service

Customer experience training is crucial to any organization that works with people.

Learn the skills that are vital to succeed at customer service: active listening, problem solving, effective communication, empathy, reading cues and responsiveness.

Intro and Advanced classes available.

Additional Conferences

Workplace Violence Safety Course

3 Dates, 1 Great Opportunity! 
The course is taught by a former Sheriff of Sheboygan County and will cover key areas of workplace safety, including planning threat management and responding to an active shooter.

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Leadership Retreat for Women

Join us in beautiful Egg Harbor, Wisconsin in Door County, for an outstanding leadership experience just for women, sponsored by UW-Green Bay. Unique Women Generating Brilliance (UWGB) will be an exciting and inspiring event designed to help you take your leadership skills to the next level!

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NE WI Suicide Prevention Summit

This summit is designed to bring hope to those impacted by suicide by increasing their understanding of suicide and its prevalence. Far too many people are at risk of suicide and many do not seek help. Learn how to identify the risk factors for specific populations and find better ways to reach out to those who are suffering.
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