Unlocking Potential

The culture and vision of the UW-Green Bay reflect a deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, social justice, civic engagement, and educational opportunity at all levels. Our core values embrace community-based partnerships, collaborative faculty scholarship and innovation. Our goal is to respond to educational need in our communities with customized training that fits the lifestyles of students of all ages, in primary and emerging industries like healthcare, service, manufacturing and technology. 

Talent or workforce development is key to attracting, retaining and insuring your employees have the skills necessary to thrive. UW-Green Bay's Continuing Professional Education provides targeted and customized training solutions on-site and online to professionals throughout the state of Wisconsin.

For any questions related to health and human service professional training, professional or customized training please contact Teri Zuege-Halvorson, Area Director of Continuing Professional Education, at 920-465-2862 or zueget@uwgb.edu. Any other questions please contact Sherri Meglic, Program Specialist, at 920-465-2642 or meglics@uwgb.edu

Licensed Professionals

Social Workers * Licensed Professional Counselors * Health & Human Service Professionals * Nursing Home Administrators * Marriage & Family Therapists
UW-Green Bay can help you maintain and advance your career with professional development classes designed to fulfill state-mandated requirements for continuing education.

Upcoming Classes

Ethics & Boundaries

Ethics and Boundaries:
Being Inclusive of LGBTQ+

2020 Dates: March 20, April 3, October 2, November 6
2021 Dates: January 15,  February 18
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Ethics and End of Life:
Past, Progress and Practice

2020 Dates: May 1, June 5, September 11 & October 16
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Special Topics
The Effects of Digital Media on Adolescent Mental Health
2020 Date: May 21, 2020
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Special Discount for UW-Green Bay Students
Students are waived registration fees and may take our classes for the cost of lunch and materials. Typical cost for a half-day training is $25 and $35 for a full day's training. 

Take Charge

The workforce is changing. Employers are challenged to find the skills they need. Employees mention that lack of training, lack of recognition and lack of growth opportunities are primary reasons for looking for a new position.

If you are an employer, build nd retain the workforce you need with the university's customized training solutions. If you are an employee, train up with targeted programs and classes.

Training Up


Supervisory Leadership Certificate
Designed for real-world leaders, covering all facets of leadership
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Supply Chain Management Certificate (Online)
15 credits
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Build the Workforce You Need

Customized Training

We can be your training partner, helping you and your managers to develop talent training for today's important skills. 

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Contacts at our Branch Campuses

Manitowoc & Sheboygan Campuses
Melissa Schleicher, Program Specialist
Email: schleicm@uwgb.edu | Tel. 920-663-7337

Upcoming Classes

Marinette Campus
Linda Hornick, Program Specialist
Email: linda.hornick@uwc.edu | Tel. 715-504-3351

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Travel

Day Trips

Fun day trips to Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and other destinations in the Midwest for theater, sporting events, music and art festivals. 


We organize trips throughout the U.S. for students, area residents and lifelong learners.


We plan exciting adventures around the world, delivering exciting and informative experiences that immerse you in other cultures.