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Dynamic Forms (e-forms) require a network user ID and Password.  If your network user ID is no longer active, click on the (e-form) link for the form you want below and you will be given the opportunity to create an ID to use for completing e-forms. If you are having any difficulty accessing a form, please contact the Registrar's Office at (920) 465-2657.

Discontinued Graduate Student Re-Admission

If you are a discontinued UW- Green Bay graduate student and have not taken a class for one to three semesters, you can quickly start the process of readmission by clicking on the link below. If you have been away from the University for four or more semesters and want to come back, you need to file a new complete application.



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GR - Thesis and Project Forms


  • 5-Year Completion Deadline Extension (Eform) - For extending the time limit for completion of an MS degree
  • Credit Overload (Eform) - For registers for a credit load in excess of your maximum credit load
  • Course Substitution (Eform)  Faculty approval to use one course in place of another in your graduate program.
  • Exception to 1-Credit Thesis Defense Requirement (Eform) - For if events beyond your control prevent the defense of your thesis before the last day of classes in a term
  • Graduate 693 Course Approval Form (Eform)
  • Graduate Assigned Study (595 or 696) (Eform)  This form is used to request graduate level instruction for any upper division 300 or 400 undergraduate level course with no corresponding graduate level offering. 300 course numbers = 596 as the course number and 400 course numbers = 696. Student is then taking the graduate 596/696 course at the same time/dates/location/instructor as the undergraduate 300 or 400 level course. (Replaces the yellow card)
  • Independent Study (Eform)
  •  Internship (Eform) Student will have to confirm with the Instructor and their site of internship supervisor before submitting an eform. Student is required to fill out the eform and get approval signatures from the Instructor and Instructor's Budgetary Chair. Once all required signatures are collected, GBOSS will enroll the student to the approved internship course in SIS.
  • Course Registration Override/Late Add (Eform) For adding a course to an existing load of credits after the add deadline, initial late registration. Submit this form to the instructor of the class which your waiver is needed. 
  • Suspension Petition (Eform) - For requesting a waiver of academic suspension status in order to be allowed to continue at the University
  • Graduate Special Petition General Form (Eform) - Used if your request does not fit into any of the above categories

Faculty & Staff

These forms are the only forms that are initiated by faculty members. All other forms should be initiated by the student. If you would like to search theses and projects of past graduate students, UW-Green Bay Libraries Graduate Theses & Dissertations Collection and Master’s Project Collection 

Program Forms
  • Incomplete Grade (Eform) - Completed by faculty members only to submit incomplete grade deadline information. Prior to completing this form, please discussed your expectations with your student first. The Registrar's Office will process the grade to the student's SIS account.


If you cannot locate the form you are looking for, the form may be available on the UW-Green Bay Registrar's website.  Please contact us directly with any additional questions or concerns you may have: (920) 465-2123 or