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Residential Communities

Do You Long to Belong?

Find your fit in a community of like-minded students.

Join a living learning community to bond with like-minded students, work on your studies together, and create a supportive network. Or dive into a thematic community where you can pursue your passions, make lifelong friends, and grow personally. These communities will make your time at UW-Green Bay unforgettable. Come join us and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Friends in your community provide a network of support

Residential Communities

UW-Green Bay offers a variety of residential communities for students living on campus. These communities are designed to provide students with unique living experiences that enhance their academic and personal growth. We offer two types of residential communities: living learning communities and thematic communities. There are numerous benefits of living in a residential community including:

  • Higher GPAs
  • Higher retention & persistence rates
  • Sense of belonging
  • Easier transition to college
  • Built in social groups

Living Learning Communities

Living learning communities are designed to bring together students who share similar academic interests or goals. These communities provide students with the opportunity to live and learn with peers who are taking similar courses and pursuing similar career paths. Living learning communities require students to enroll in a class together and also offer a range of academic and social activities that help students connect with faculty members and other students who share their interests.

Education Living Learning Community


Calling all future teachers! In this community, you'll live with other education majors and minors, plus people who are considering going into education, in Robert Warren Hall.

Robert Warren Hall

First Gen Phoenix Living Community

First Gen Phoenix

More than 50% of our undergraduates are first generation college students. If you're first gen and want to build community with other first gen students, join this community!

R.E. Small Hall

STEM Living Community

STEM Community

Build connections and find camaraderie with other STEM students in Byron Walter Hall.

Byron Walter Hall

Thematic Communities

Thematic communities are designed to bring together students who share a common interest or passion outside of the classroom. These communities provide students with opportunities to engage in activities and events related to their interests, while also fostering a sense of community and belonging on campus. Thematic communities can focus on a wide range of topics, such as sustainability, leadership, or cultural heritage.

Eco Friendly Phoenix Living Community

Eco Friendly Phoenix

As the original Eco U®, we've always focused on going green. If you want to champion sustainable efforts through an intersectional lens, this community is for you.

Arlene Walter Hall

Level 2 Living Community

Level 2 Living

No freshman allowed! Level 2 Living, located in Ted Lenfestey Hall, is only for returning students and focuses on your success in a fun atmosphere.

Ted Lenfestey Hall

Safe & Inclusive Living (SAIL) Community

SAIL Community

We're proud to be named as a top school for LGBTQIA+ students by Campus Pride. Our Safe and Inclusive Living (SAIL) community was made for LGBTQIA+ students to have a safe floor, though allies are welcome as long as they agree to community guidelines.

SAIL Community

Wellness Thematic Community Logo


This community is for all students who want to live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle! You will be able to explore the 7 Pillars of Wellness and meet students who are also focused on their personal well-being. This community is located on the 2nd floor of Roy Downham Hall, rooms 217-234.

Roy Downham Hall

Nursing Thematic Community Logo


Join this community of pre-nursing majors, nursing majors, Nursing 1-2-1 program students, or others exploring the field! This unique living arrangement gives you a ready network of friends sharing your interests and career goals. 

James Temp Hall

How to Sign Up

Select your desired residential community when you complete your housing contract. If you have any questions, you can always call 920-465-2040 or email us at

Adam Neveau

Want to Know More?

Surrounding yourself with like-minded students in a residential community is an excellent way to acclimate to college! If you have any questions about residential communities, just ask!

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