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Shared Room Apartments

Ready to be more Self-Sufficient?

Housing options to help you start being independent.

The university has nine traditional apartment buildings on campus, offering shared bedroom living spaces. Each apartment has a living room, a full kitchen, and a shared bathroom. Laundry facilities are available in each building.

Housing Options
Traditional appartment buildings exteriorTraditional apartment kitchenAerial view of the traditional apartments4-student traditional apartment kitchen


Our shared room apartments are open throughout the academic year, including breaks.

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Meal plans aren't required with apartments, but they're a good idea if you're too busy to cook.

Meal Plan Options


Cost per academic year per student for a four-student two-bedroom apartment.

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*Housing rates are estimates. Price reflects the 2023-24 academic year.

Types of Shared Bedroom AparTments

Our nine shared bedroom apartments are two story buildings. We have spaces for four students with a limited number of apartments for two students, or one-student efficiency apartments.

Apartment layout for four students in two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room & bathroom

4 Students

Most apartments have two bedrooms and are shared by four students.

Apartment layout with two students in one bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom

2 Students

In this layout, two students share a one-bedroom apartment.

Single-student efficiency apartment

1 Student Efficiency

There are a limited number of one-person efficiency units. The kitchen, living room and bedroom are combined in one room with a private bathroom.

Fast Facts

Below are some quick facts about our nine shared bedroom apartment buildings.


Units Per Building

63 residents live in 17 units in each of our nine shared bedroom apartment buildings.

Full Kitchen

Each unit has a kitchen that includes a stove, sink, disposal, refrigerator, cupboards for storage, table and chairs. No meal plan is required.

Private Bathrooms

Bathrooms have showers, toilets and sinks. Two- and four-student apartments have double sinks.

Fully Furnished

The shared bedroom apartments are fully furnished. Apartments have kitchenettes with stoves, sinks, disposals, refrigerators, cupboards for storage, table and chairs. Each bedroom has extra-long twin beds, dressers, desks and chairs. There is also a double closet. Bathrooms have showers and double sinks. Drapes and carpeting are provided.

Furnishings Per Student

  • Extra-long twin bed (with adjustable bed heights)
  • Dresser
  • Desk with hutch, light, and chair
  • Closet
  • High speed internet & Wi-Fi

Furnishings Per Apartment

  • Kitchenette with full-size refrigerator and smaller range
  • Kitchen table and chairs
  • Vanity area with sink
  • Private shower and toilet
  • Blinds or drapes
  • Card access & PIN for security
  • Carpeted rooms
  • Access to free laundry
Archetectural rendering of the new sophomore apartments opening fall 2024

Coming Fall 2024

UW-Green Bay's newest residence hall in 12 years will open in Fall 2024. This state-of-the-art facility offers a contemporary apartment-style experience, providing a comfortable and engaging environment for our students. Designed largely for sophomores, 4 residents will share each apartment space.

New Shared Bedoom Apartment

About the Shared Bedroom Apartments

The majority of people living in the on-campus apartments are upper-class students. It is typical for students who want to have more independence to move to the apartments after one or two years of living in the residence halls. Because the students in the apartments are mostly upperclassmen preparing to graduate, they have special needs that Residence Life tries to address. Most of the events and activities in the apartments focus on providing life skills that will be useful in the future. Everything in the set up of the apartments is designed to prepare students for when they will be living on their own.

Traditional apartment floor plans

Apartment Layouts

The following apartment room layouts apply to all traditional shared bedroom apartment buildings: 3312, 3314, 3316, 3318, 3322, 3324, 3326, 3332, and 3334.

Floor Plans (pdf)

Traditional apartments map


The shared bedroom apartments are on the northeast corner of campus along Circle Drive. They are located near basketball court and offer convenient parking.

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UWGB student checking her campus box for mail

Mailing Address

Sending mail to a traditional apartment resident? Below is how their address should be written.

[Resident's Name]
Campus Box [Resident's Campus Box #]
[33xx Building No.] Walter Way
Green Bay, WI 54311

Mailroom Information

Staff Contact

To guarantee your round-the-clock support, we have housing staff working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Below is the staff contact information specific to the shared bedroom apartments.

Apartment Staff

Each shared bedroom apartment has two Resident Mentors (RMs), trained students who live in the building and oversees about 30 students each. Their primary role is to help develop community on your floor or wing, but they also are trained in peer guidance, leadership development, crisis intervention and establishing community standards. The table below lists the room and phone number of the RMs in the shared bedroom apartments.

Building Room Phone
3312 A1A 920-465-5767
3312 B2A 920-465-5768
3314 A1A 920-465-5770
3314 B2A 920-465-5769
3316 A1A 920-465-5771
3316 B2A 920-465-5772
3318 A2A 920-465-5774
3318 B1A 920-465-5775
3324 A1A 920-465-5778
3324 B2A 920-465-5779
3326 A3A 920-465-5781
3326 B4A 920-465-5782
3332 A2A 920-465-5784
3332 B1A 920-465-5783
3334 A3A 920-465-5786
3334 B1A 920-465-5787

Duty Staff

In the evening and on weekends, select Resident Mentors (RMs) are on duty to handle your after-hours needs and concerns. The shared bedroom apartments have an assigned pair of RMs that oversee nearby buildings* each night. Resident Mentors are on duty from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on school nights and 9 p.m. to 3 a.m Friday and Saturday. During these times you can reach RM staff at the following duty numbers.

Duty Staff Phone Number
Primary Duty RM 920-412-6338
Secondary Duty RM 920-412-6337

*Buildings 3312, 3314, 3316, 3318, 3322, 3324, 3326, 3332, and 3334 share primary and secondary duty staff with R.E. Small, Cletus Vanderperren, Robert Warren Halls.

Tip: It's a good idea to keep these RM duty phone numbers in your room or apartment and in your cell phone contact list. That way they are handy if and when you need to ask for some assistance.

Julianne Crayton

Find Out More

Have questions? Each of our shared bedroom apartment buildings has a resident mentor who can help!

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