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Laundry Facilities

Take a Load Off Your Mind

No need to lug your dirty laundry home!

In each on-campus housing building, you'll find well-maintained laundry rooms complete with modern washing machines and dryers. We strive to ensure that doing laundry is a hassle-free experience for our residents.

putting clothes into a laundry machine

Free to Use

We're excited to announce that our laundry facilities are completely free for all students living in our housing. You no longer need to worry about payment systems or hunting for quarters. The cost of using the laundry machines is covered in your housing contract, granting you unlimited access to clean clothes without any additional charges.

Get Wash Alerts

We know that most students don’t like to haul all their dirty clothes down to the laundry room just for all of the washers to be in use. So, we have the perfect tool to prevent that!

CSC GO Laundry Alerts

Laundry just got easier. By downloading the CSC GO app from, you can can check availability of washers and dryers, monitor how much time is left on the machines and receive notifications about the status of your laundry directly on your smartphone. Once you've selected UW-Green Bay as your school, you can easily filter the available laundry facilities by building, simplifying the process of finding an open machine and planning your laundry schedule accordingly.

Download CSC GO 

So, no more trips down three flights of stairs to just have to wait another half an hour before a washer is available. Use wash alert and know exactly when it’s the perfect time to do laundry!

Screenshot of CSC GO Wash Alerts App showing 6 washers and 6 dryers available in Roy Downham Hall
Julianne Crayton

Feel Ready to Throw in the Towel?

Laundry can be frustrating, but don't give up. If you have any questions about how to streamline your laundry routine, just ask!

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