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Housing Procedures

Living On Campus

Procedures make campus living, easy living.

With two thousand students living on campus, it's important to have policies, rules and procedures in place to keep everything operating smoothly and safely. Please ensure that you review all of the policies & procedures prior to move in.

Housing Hub

Student talking with housing front desk attendant in the Hendrickson Community Center

Your Obligations

When you live on campus, you agree to abide by the terms of a housing contract, policies, procedures and your own roommate agreement.

Signature and date line of a contract

Housing Contract

A housing contract is a legally binding agreement that specifies important details such as the duration of your housing stay, room assignment, community guidelines and financial responsibilities.

Housing Contract

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We prioritize the safety, security and well-being of our residents. To ensure a positive living environment, we have established the following policies.

Housing Policies

Roommates in a UWGB dorm room


Usually roommates get along just fine, but when they don't, it is important to deal with problems as soon as they arise. Take the time to talk with your roommate right away and complete a roommate agreement. It will help ensure you're on the same page.

Roommate Agreement

Need to leave?

We'll do all we can to help you be successful in college, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Be sure to see what else you need to do to cancel your enrollment.

Housing Cancellation

Once complete, the housing contract is legally binding. Under certain circumstances, you may request to cancel your housing contract. In order to request your contract be cancelled, you will need to submit a cancellation request which will be reviewed. Be sure to review all information about the cancellation process.

Housing Cancellation

Dining Cancellation

Requesting to cancel your dining is a separate process from submitting a housing cancellation. When you cancel your dining plan, you will receive a refund within 2 to 4 weeks. Contact the University Ticketing and Information Center at 920-465-2400 with questions.

Dining Information

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Have Questions?

Housing rules may seem like a lot, but they are designed to promote safety, respect and fairness among residents. If you have any questions about our policies or procedures, just ask.

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