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Apply for Housing

Completing a housing contract is the first step in securing on-campus housing for admitted or current students. To live on campus, complete the steps listed below. Not yet a student? You need to apply to UW-Green Bay.

Important Reminder: When you sign a housing contract and have submitted your application fee of $50.00, your housing contract is legally binding for the entire term of the contract. Please ensure that you carefully review the entire housing contract.

Steps to Apply for Housing

The housing application and contracting process is for anyone who wants to live on campus. Be sure to review all steps and information before applying.

1 Set up your UW-Green Bay account

Once you have been admitted to UW-Green Bay, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to activate your UW-Green Bay account. This will give you access to the housing application.

2 Review housing information

Before you submit the contract, it's a good idea to review the contract, housing costs, meal plan, room selection, and any residential communities you may be interested in. You will need to provide personal information, preferences for roommates and living arrangements, and complete a housing contract.

  1. Housing Contract
    The first step in your housing application will be to review and sign the housing contract.
  1. Review Housing Options
    You can indicate your housing preferences, such as building, roommate preferences (if applicable) and any specific requests or accommodations you may need. See housing options.
  1. Meal Plans
    Meal plans are required for students living in residence halls, but optional if you live in an apartment (which includes a kitchen). Review dining meal plans.
  1. Room Selection
    Here's the fun part! You get to choose your building and room. To understand the types of housing we offer, check out our housing options.
  1. Residential Communities
    These communities are designed to bring together students who share similar academic goals or interests. See our residential communities.

3 Submit your application

The housing application is available online through the UWGB Housing Hub portal. After you've submitted your housing application fee, you'll need to pay a non-refundable housing deposit. Even if you are approved to cancel your housing contract, the $50 application fee is non-refundable.

Apply for Housing

4 Engage with us

Come for a tour, contact us, or join us online for a webinar prior to move in. See more and contact us.

5 Move in

Move-in is typically a few days before classes begin. You'll receive more information about move-in and the residence hall policies and procedures prior to your arrival. Be sure to continue to check your UW-Green Bay email account for updates. In the meantime, look over the list of what to bring and have fun packing!

What to Bring

Megan Leonard-Bisenius

Have Questions

Entering into a new housing contract can be a lot, and it's natural to have questions. If you need more information or require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.

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