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Room & Apartment Furnishings

A Place to Rest

Furniture to be used and enjoyed.

The residence halls and apartments are completely furnished. There's a private bathroom and shower in every room or apartment. Each space has bedroom furniture, vanity area and sink. There's living room and kitchen furniture in the apartments.

Students sitting in their apartment living space

Furnishings List

For a detailed list of furnishings for residence halls and apartments, please see below:

Residence Hall Room Furnishings

Bedroom furniture including desk, desk chair, dresser and bed.

  • Beds that can be placed in a junior loft position or bunked
  • Private bathroom & shower
  • Vanity sink separate from bathroom area
  • Lamp in the hutch over each desk
  • Carpeted rooms
  • Blinds or drapes
  • Electronic card plus PIN secured access
  • Laundry facilities (in building)

Apartment Furnishings

Completely furnished apartments include large kitchens, couch, kitchen table, bedroom furniture, moveable wardrobes or closets, and large bathrooms.

  • Bedroom furniture including desk, desk chair, dresser, closet or wardrobe
  • Beds that can be junior lofted or placed at lowest position as a twin bed
  • Couch, chairs, coffee & end table
  • Spacious kitchens with full-size refrigerator, range, & table or snack bar
  • Private bathroom & shower
  • Double vanity sinks separate from shower area
  • Lamp in the hutch over each desk
  • Carpeted rooms
  • Blinds or drapes
  • Electronic card plus PIN secured access
  • Laundry facilities (in building)

Height Beds

If you're a student living on campus, you'll be pleased to know that your living space is equipped with adjustable height beds. These beds are designed to make the most of your space and cater to your specific needs.

Reminder: UW-Green Bay beds are not designed to use third party lofting equipment. Bringing your own bed loft to campus is not permitted.

Junior Lofted bed

Junior Loft

In your room or apartment, you have the option to adjust a single bed to its highest setting, known as a junior loft. This means you can elevate your bed off the ground, opening up valuable space underneath where you can put your dresser and store other items.

  • Most popular set-up for students
  • All beds are set to the junior loft position prior to your arrival
  • Allows for storage under the bed for items (including dresser)
  • No need to decide who will sleep on the top bunk

When you arrive in your res hall room, your bed will be set to junior loft and your dresser will be below the bed. If you prefer not to have your bed in the junior loft position, you may remove the dresser from under the bed and lower your bed to the desired position.

Bunk beds in a dorm room
Bunk Beds

If you're sharing your living space with a roommate, another option available to you is bunk beds. Two beds can be stacked to form bunk beds, allowing both of you to have your separate sleeping areas while utilizing the room efficiently. Bunk beds are a popular choice among roommates as they offer a practical solution for maximizing space without compromising on comfort. You will have to decide amongst yourselves who gets the top or bottom bunk.

Bed adjustment diagram

How to adjust your bed

You can adjust your bed to your preferred height. All you'll need is a rubber mallet and a helpful friend. The rubber mallet can be borrowed from the Community Center, so make sure to grab one before getting started. This adjustment requires two people, so recruit one of your friends as a helper to assist you. Follow the written instructions below to adjust your bed properly.

Bed Loft/Bunk Instructions (pdf)

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