Education Living Learning Community

The Education Living Learning Community brings together both Education majors and students who are considering an Education degree. Students in the Education LLC live together in Robert Warren Hall. Through a shared living experience, students will build connections to extend learning beyond the classroom and into the residence halls. Students will also form friendships with others going through similar experiences. Students in the Education LLC take EDUC 208/209 during the fall semester.

What is EDUC 208/209?
Education 208/209 is a pre-service experience for students considering the professional field of education. The EDUC 208 course content focuses on the importance of building positive relationships in schools. Issues and topics covered include learning and differentiation, motivation, poverty, diversity, trauma, mindset, social and emotional learning, mental health and special education. Students learn what qualities and characteristics make up a great teacher. The course is taught through in -person lecture, in-class interactive activities, discussions, videos and readings. A 35-hour field placement in area K-12 schools provides opportunities for observation of professional staff and relationship building with youth in the classroom.  EDUC 209 is a second semester opportunity to extend the field placement experience for service credit. Students are allowed to stay with their original class or seek out a different experience in this independent opportunity.