If you are arriving to campus, welcome to UW-Green Bay and student housing! We are confident your experience living on campus will be a positive one, with many exciting opportunities to meet friends, participant in activities and events, and enjoy your campus experience.

Students arriving or departing University housing, or changing rooms/apartments are required to check in and check out of their accommodation. Check-in consists of four important steps:

  • Step 1: Pre-Check-In
  • Step 2: View Check-In / Assignment Information
  • Step 3: Arrival / Check-in on your appropriate move-in day
  • Step 4: Inspecting your room/apartment / submitting your Room Condition Report
Step 1: Pre-Check-In (must be complete prior to your arrival)

To expedite the check-in process, all residents are required to complete certain pre-check-in steps online prior to their arrival. Please do so using our EXPRESS CHECK-IN site.

Even after completing this pre-check-in process, it is critical that you officially check-in upon arrival as explained in step 3 below. If you do not officially check in upon arrival, your card will not allow you access to your room / apartment.

Step 2:Check-In / Assignment Information

After completion of pre-check-in, you are eligible to view your check-in and assignment information via the Express Check-In site. Including:

  • Date and time you are required to check in (you may be provided with check-in appointment date/time options to select from, depending upon your move-in date)
  • Name and address of your check-in station (not necessarily where you will be living)
  • Name and address of the your building of residence
  • Roommate contact information
  • Mailbox number and combination
Step 3: Arrival / Check-In

Reminder: When you arrive to campus during your scheduled check-in time, you need to check-in at your assigned check-in station prior to moving in. You will not have access to your room or apartment until you check-in at the appropriate check-in station.

  • When you arrive, park at the building you are assigned to move in to, and then walk to the nearby building assigned as your check-in station.
  • When checking in, you must have your Campus ID card with you.
  • If family or friends are accompanying you, we suggest they unload your belongings while you check in
  • For apartment residents, be sure to move in to the exact bedroom assigned to you (found by looking at the bed space letter at the end of your apt/room number).
  • As soon as you are done moving in, you must move your car(s) to a nearby parking lot.
Step 4: Room Inspection / Room Condition

Within 72 hours of your move-in date, it is very important to inspect your room and complete a Room Condition Report online using the Express Check-In site. Room Condition Report:

  • Missing items
  • Normal wear and tear / minor damages that don't require timely repair
  • Cleaning requests for rooms / apartment not in move-in condition
  • Repair requests for items that need repair as soon as possible
  • Housing & Residential Education takes pride in providing you with a fully furnished room or apartment that is clean and well-maintained.
  • Please let us know if anything is missing or in need of cleaning or repair. This will allow Housing & Residential Education to respond appropriately and will protect you from being billed for items upon check-out

Maintenance Requests:

Maintenance Requests that come up after you have already submitted your room condition report may be submitted online using the standard maintenance request form. Normal wear and tear items will not result in a charge.

Departures: Check-out

Students departing university housing or changing rooms/apartments are required to check out of their accommodation. Students have two options to complete a check out when departing university housing or changing rooms/apartments. Both check out options can be found on myResLink under the Check Out section. If a student needs computer access, there are kiosk computers available in the Community Center, if needed. To make sure your room is ready to check out you can look over the check out cleaning checklist here. Students failing to follow the check in or check out procedures will be charged a $50 fee. Below you will find more information regarding each option.

Traditional Check Out

A Traditional Check Out will require students to schedule an appointment with an RA to complete their check out process. A list of RA contact information will be provided after selecting the Traditional Check Out option on myResLink. Students must schedule the appointment a minimum of 24 hours in advance so please plan ahead. The student checking out must be present at the time of the appointment, have belongings moved out and room cleaned to avoid an improper check out charge. Building access will be removed at 10:00 p.m. the evening of the check out appointment.

Students are strongly encouraged to schedule a check out appointment with their RA, but appointments can be scheduled with any RA in the building if a specific time is not available with the designated RA.

Express Check Out

Express Check Out allows a student to check out completely online at any time without signing up for an appointment with an RA. Access to the building will be removed at 10:00 p.m. the day the Express Check Out is completed online. It is the student’s responsibility to clean the room/apartment, remove belongings and trash, and report any damages that have occurred while living in the room/apartment. The student’s room/apartment will be inspected after move out has occurred, and charges will be assessed for any damages, missing items, and/or cleaning charges will be applied, if applicable. Damages, missing items, and/or cleaning that no one claims responsibility for will be divided equally among those living in the room/apartment.

Students who select Express Check Out waive the right to appeal charges or be present during the departure inspection process.