Roommates can be self-selected or assigned based on your housing preferences. Roommate preferences may be updated after you have contracted for housing.

The following information is provided to give you a positive, proactive approach to living with a roommate. Usually roommates get along just fine, but when they do not get along, it is important to deal with the problems as soon as they arise. Please take the time to talk with your roommate now. If necessary, there are several resources to help address a situation. Resident Mentors (RMs) have been trained to assist with roommate concerns. If discussing your concerns with your roommate is unsuccessful, you are encouraged to talk with your RM, HM, or AD. When you arrive to campus, your RM will have you and your roommate(s) complete a Roommate Agreement form via Roompact.

Basic Suggestions:

  • Try to get to know each other better
  • Be open: ask, listen, discuss. Don’t wait until things escalate
  • Treat your roommate as an equal
  • Respect your roommate’s right to privacy or personal time alone
  • Be sensitive to each other’s moods. Everyone has bad days, so try to understand when your roommate has one
  • Avoid trying to "reform" or correct your roommate. Don’t expect him/her to conform to your standards or accept your beliefs
  • Respect your roommate’s right to study
  • Don’t cause interruptions or make unnecessary noise
  • Work out the division of chores. Don’t wait for your
    roommate to take care of the housekeeping
  • Discuss use of personal property such as computers, cell phones, clothing, food and other items.
  • Discuss cleaning:
    • How important is a clean/neat room?
    • Who should do which jobs?
    • How frequently should we clean?
    • What if one of us doesn’t do his/her job?