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Community Development Program

The Office of Residence Life bases its programming efforts on the Community Development Model, which has five categories:

Community Engagement

These programs are developed to teach residents the value of engagement, commitment, sensitivity, civic responsibility, and service. Residents may learn how to meet others, find similar goals and interests, develop community, volunteer, and look at others from a different perspective.

Cultural Awareness

These programs foster collaborative efforts that affirm our common humanity, value individuals, and respect others’ lifestyles and points of view. Residents may learn about religious, radial, and ethnic differences including sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

Health and Wellness

These programs encourage residents to learn about mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness. Residents may learn about self-image, alcohol and drugs, personal safety, mental health issues, etc.

Life Skills

These programs help residents learn to manage and live in a safe, healthy, productive, and collaborative life. Residents may learn about healthy communication, relationships, personal finances, etc.

Professional Advancement

These programs encourage residents to develop well-rounded skills that they can bring into the career world. Residents may learn about goal setting, values clarification, study skills, financial management, time management, etc.