Assistant Directors for Residential Education

Assistant Directors for Residential Education (ADs) provide leadership and direction to Resident Mentor Staff and residents living in their community. The AD advises individual students and student groups, provides direction in program planning and development, promotes the understanding of University policies, and assists the resolution of roommate conflicts. We are sure you will find your AD to be of great help. You can find all of the ADs, and their offices, in the Hendrickson Community Center. To schedule an appointment with your Assistant Director, contact the Community Center front desk at 920-465-2040.

Northwoods Area:

Ted Lenfestey, Arlene Walter, Byron Walter, Josephine Lenfestey Halls & Ed Thompson, Richard Liebl, Tom Haevers, Keith Pamperin Halls
Mike Reilly


Outback Area:

R.E. Small, Cletus Vanderperren, Robert Warren Halls, & 3312, 3314, 3316, 3318, 3322, 3324, 3326, 3332, & 3334
Nick Lauer


Bayou Area:

Roy Downham, Donald Long, Bob Schaefer, James Temp, John Robishaw, Donald Harden Halls
Lindsey Lecus