Apartment and Residence Hall Furniture

All apartment and residence hall bedrooms are furnished with a desk, dresser, and adjustable bed for each student. The junior loft bed configuration is the most popular and space efficient set-up, allowing the dresser and other items to be stored under your bed. If you prefer this option, and most students do, no action on your part is necessary as this is the standard confirguartion option.

The Junior Loft:

  • Most popular set-up for students
  • All beds are set to the junior loft position prior to your arrival
  • Allows for storage under the bed for items (including dresser)
  • No need to decide who will sleep on the top bunk

If you prefer not to have your bed in the junior loft position, you may remove the dresser from under the bed and bunk your bed with your roommates (if applicable and if it is okay with your roommate) or lower your bed to the desired position. The image on the right of the page pictures a bed in a junior loft position.

A rubber mallet, available from the Community Center, and a helper are needed to alter most bedroom furniture. For written instructions, please see Bedroom Furniture Instructions (PDF).