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Technology Advisory Structure

The Division of Information Technology (IT) has developed an advisory structure composed of user groups and admin/steering committees to help inform and guide policy, major initiatives, and planning for technology at UW-Green Bay. In addition, to the structure outlined below, the Chief Information Officer will also communicate and gather input from other established University groups including, but not limited to, the Chancellor’s Cabinet, Provost’s Administrative Council, Business and Finance Directors, and shared governance groups.

IT Committees

The common purpose of the IT Committees is to gather and act upon the input, issues, and recommendations from the IT User Groups; as well as, provide recommendations on policies and initiatives to the Technology Advisory Council. The IT Committees are composed of those individuals with the authority to make decisions for their respective areas regarding the IT systems that are shared University-wide. The IT Committees include:

  • CRM Steering Committee [chair, Jen Jones]
  • ImageNow Steering Committee [chair, Monika Pynaker]
  • IT Customer Relations Committee [chair, Ron Kottnitz]
  • SIS Admin [chair, Barb Tomashek-Ditter]
  • Web Strategy Committee [chair, Kimberly Vlies]

IT User Groups

The common purpose of the IT User Groups is to gather feedback for planning, discuss issues and find possible improvements in procedures and/or systems, and provide information to users about upcoming changes. The IT User Groups will work with the IT Committees by making recommendations on specific changes to a procedure or system, and suggest areas where policy needs to be written or adjusted. IT User Groups are composed of “power users” of a specific system, or have responsibilities for managing aspects of a system, or are the representative for their specific department and are knowledgeable about business processes that use a specific system. The IT User Groups include:

  • Classroom Technology [convener, Ron Kottnitz]
  • CRM [convener, Barb Tomashek-Ditter]
  • ImageNow [convener, Mike Bubolz]
  • SIS [convener, Mike Bubolz]
  • Visix [convener, Monika Pynaker]
  • Web Users Group [convener, Brandon Langer]