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Classroom Technology Upgrades

Reliable Educational Experience

Providing learning spaces that are flexible, streamlined, and easy- to-use.

UW-Green Bay is working to ensure that the technology in classrooms and learning spaces is current and upgraded regularly across all campus locations. We are working to upgrade the standard smart classroom technology to provide learning spaces that are flexible, streamlined, easy-to-use, allow for self-operation, and have a foundation to expand video and audio connection capabilities.

Distanced education classroom

Standard Classroom Technology

A 7,000 lumen projector, a projection screen that is at least 96” wide, wireless presentation capability, Blu-ray player, document camera, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop connection (HDMI), wireless microphone and speakers.

Standard Plus Classroom Technology

The same upgrades as a Standard Room, plus a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, far end viewing display, confidence display, and ceiling mounted microphones.

The majority of these upgrades are planned during winter break, spring break, or summer to minimize the impact on teaching. The following information outlines the projects that are currently scheduled, planned, and completed.

Projects and Schedules for Fiscal Year 2023

WH 117Standard Plus12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
WH 303Standard12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
SA 350Standard Plus12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
ES 304Standard Plus12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
MAC 219Standard Plus12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
MAC 229Standard Plus12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
ES 301Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
ES 316Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
ES 320Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
ES 326Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
IS 1129AStandard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
IS 1129BStandard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
IS 1129EStandard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
IS 1129JStandard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
RH 250Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
WH 201Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
WH 205Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
WH 213Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
WH 216Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
WH 301Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
WH 303Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
WH 327Standard5/15/23 - 6/30/23Scheduled
F225Standard Plus12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
H204Standard12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
3201Standard Plus12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
3202Standard12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete
3204Standard3/15/23 - 3/19/23Scheduled
3209Standard3/15/23 - 3/19/23Scheduled
3210Standard3/15/23 - 3/19/23Scheduled
L101Standard Plus12/27/22 - 1/20/23Complete