UW-Green Bay

Coach Bus Rental

Contract #: GB 6467
Contract Administrator: Tory Ortscheid ext 2598

Contract Term: 7/1/2013 - 6/30/2018

Payment Options: Purchase Order or Purchasing Card

Vendor: Lamers Bus Lines, Inc.
2407 S Point Road, Green Bay WI 54313

Primary Contact: Wanda Neuman @ 920-496-3600 ext 10122
Call to Order/Expedite: 920-496-3600
Invoice Information: Pat Meulemans @ 920-496-3600 ext 10162 

Ordering Information: Every attempt will be made by the University to give the Contractor at least ten (10) days notice prior to the date of the charter, but the Contractor must accept forty-eight (48) hours notice in the case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Contact the contract administrator if the Contractor cannot comply with this requirement.

Late Pick Up Penalty: A late penalty may be assessed against the total value of the trip if the Contractor does not pick up on time as required:

Late (from scheduled departure time) Charge
10 minutes 10%
30 minutes 25%
60 minutes 50%

The charge may be waived during periods of severe weather or when conditions, as determined by the contract administrator, indicate the delay was unavoidable. Determination by the contract administrator is final.

Please complete the following evaluation form to provide input on the sales staff as well as the driver and motorcoach: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PFBG357

Pricing 07.01.17 - 06.30.18

Cost Per Mile:* Time Charge:*
Bus Size Dead Mile Live Mile First
3 Hours Minimum
24 or less $1.59 $1.97 $154 $45/Hr $488.50
27-passenger $1.74 $2.23 $189 $47/Hr $531
36 deluxe minicoach (RR/DVD) $2.03 $2.41 $192 $51/Hr $599
47-48-passenger (RR/STOR/DVD) $2.18 $2.75 $223 $54.50/Hr $670
55-passenger (RR/DVD) extra storage $2.18 $3.09 $223 $57.50/Hr $704
56-passenger exta storage capacity (RR/DVD) $2.18 $3.09 $327 $63.50/Hr $731.50

RR = Restroom
STOR = Storage
DVD = DVD Capabilities

*Cost is the greater of the two calculations. You are charged for either mileage or time, not both.

** The $12.00/hour or $155/day charges are only in addition to the mileage charges. In addition, there would be a $28/night charge with the University covering the cost of the driver's hotel room.

The per mile & per hour charge is based on pick up from and return to the University, therefore, the deadhead rate is seldomly used. 

Other Information:

  • Lamers has 13 motorcoaches equipped with a wheelchair lift (subject to availability). Wheelchair accessible coaches are available in a 24, 47, 55 and 56-passenger size. There is no additional charge for these vehicles. These vehicles would be billed according to their size. Some seats are lost for each wheelchair fastened in the coach. The coaches will hold a maximum of 2 wheelchairs.

  • Overnight layover charge is $28 (UWGB reserves and pays for driver's room).

  • The 56 & 48-passengers are deluxe units with extra storage capacity, if needed.

  • The 36-passenger minicoaches & larger are all equipped with a restroom.
  • All units are equipped with cellular phones with a direct line to the main office and two-way radios with a private frequency. 
  • Tolls, parking and ferry charges are billed at actual cost. Relief driver charge to meet Federal hours of services requirements are billed at $0.48 cents/mile.

  • WI-FI is available upon request. The cost is $12 per day for this additional service.
  • A 2% convenience fee is added to credit card payments.

Cancellation charges: Any charter canceled is subject to a $50 cancellation fee once the driver has arrived at the terminal. If driver has departed from terminal, mileage will also be assessed.