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Coach Bus Rental

(For Inter-State and Intra-State Travel)

Contract #: UWGBY-2023-1094-General
Contract Administrator:

Contract Term: 7/1/2023 - 6/30/2025

Payment Options: Purchase Order

Vendor: Lamers Bus Lines
2407 S. Point Road, Green Bay, WI 54313

Contact: Wanda Neuman @ 920-496-3600 ext. 10122 (
Call to Order/Expedite: 920-496-3600 ext. 10122
Invoice Information: 920-496-3600 ext. 10122

Ordering Information: Every attempt will be made by the University to give the Contractor at least ten (10) days notice prior to the date of the charter, but the Contractor must accept forty-eight (48) hours notice in the case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Contact the contract administrator if the Contractor cannot comply with this requirement.

Late Pick Up Penalty: A late penalty may be assessed against the total value of the trip if the Contractor does not pick up on time as required. If late pickup occurs, please document and forward to

Late (from scheduled departure time)Charge
10 minutes10%
30 minutes25%
60 minutes50%

The charge may be waived during periods of severe weather or when conditions, as determined by the contract administrator, indicate the delay was unavoidable. Determination by the contract administrator is final.

Coach Bus FY24

Lamers Bus Lines

Bus Size

Cost Per Live Mile

Min. Charge

Hourly Charge

Max. Charge
12 or Less Mini Coach$2.35$295$58$695
13-24 Passenger Coach$2.35$295$58$695
24 or Less Executive Coach$5.90$1,500$167$2,000
30-36 Standard or Deluxe Coach$2.97$380$71$995
44-55 Standard Coach$3.98$425$81$1,250

NOTE: The prices provided on the Cost Sheet will be the ones used to invoice. Contractor can invoice by the hour or by the mile, whichever is greater, not both.

*Cost is the greater of the two calculations. You are charged for either mileage or time, not both.

Other Information:

  • Lamers will charge $150 cancellation fee for any trip cancelled within 72 hours of departure time. Exceptions would be for weather related cancellations. Weather is considered to be when it is unsafe to travel. If the charter is canceled enroute, the cancellation fee will include the miles and/or hours used.
  • Lamers maintains eight ADA equipped motor coaches. There is not an extra fee, but you would be charged based on a 56 passenger bus, as that is the only size available.
  • Overnight charge of $40 per night providing UWGB is responsible for the driver room. Hourly charges continue over night.
  • Lamers provides only the Deluxe motor coach sizes for 24-36 passenger. NO additional charge for WiFi.
  • Tolls, parking, airport fees and ferry charges are billed at actual cost. Any charter over 500 miles in one day, could have a relief driver fee added to the cost. Lamers reserves the right to add additional drivers and expense to stay within the DOT regulations.
  • This contract can only be used by the Green Bay campus. Marinette, Manitowoc and Sheboygan campuses can contact Purchasing for help with busing needs.