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Exceptions, Approvals, & Special Handling


University administrative policies, various state statutes, and federal regulations require UW-Green Bay departments to obtain prior approvals and/or complete forms for the products/services listed below. Purchasing cannot issue a purchase order until such special approvals and/or forms are obtained, regardless of the dollar amount. Read and follow the special approval procedures contained in this document prior to issuing an order for any of the commodities or services listed.

Special Approval Requirement Index: (Find corresponding numbers identified in procedures)
  1. Air Charter
  2. Computer Software License Agreement
  3. Fireworks
  4. Furniture Items (non-Badger State Industries)
  5. Photocopy Equipment
  6. Insurance Coverage
  7. Legal Services
  8. Motor Vehicles
  9. Trademarks & Logo
  10. Weapons
  11. Remodeling of Campus Facilities


Purchasing will request additional information from the department when an order is received without the necessary form or prior approval. The order will not be processed until the department provides the required approval and/or completed form.

1. Air Charter Any and all air charter services will be bid by the Purchasing Office. Contact Purchasing at X2598 for assistance.

2. Computer Software License Agreement All software license agreements or other similar contracts that are signed on behalf of the University must be signed by the Contracting Officer or delegated department agent. (An unauthorized signer assumes personal responsibility for damage claims that may arise.) Contact Purchasing at X2598.

3. Fireworks Pyrotechnics (fireworks) display in any UW facility, on UW property, or at any UW sponsored event requires permission from the Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance. The Vice Chancellor's letter of approval must be attached to your order to purchase pyrotechnics along with the pyrotechnic display procedures. Contact Purchasing at X2598.

4. Furniture Items UW-Green Bay is required to purchase furniture items listed below from Badger State Industries. BSI is given the first opportunity to determine whether their product line can meet specifications. If the department selects a different vendor, product specifications and justification as to why BSI's product does not meet specifications must be attached to the order. If Purchasing agrees, a release number will be requested from BSI. A purchase order to another vendor is not issued without a release number from BSI. Contact Purchasing at X2598.

Contract NumberDescription
15-37540-000Desks, credenzas and matching bookshelves (wood)
15-37480-000Tables, metal and wood
15-37620-001Acoustical screen (free-standing)
15-37080-000Computer workstations (metal, nonadjustable height and keyboard)
15-37700-000Storage cabinets, filing options & bookshelves
15-37070-000Seating (except ergonomic)
15-37620-000System furniture (modular office furniture with panels)

5. Photocopying Equipment All production copiers (photocopiers, tandem copiers/printers) and floor-standing printing press must be provided by the Purchasing Office. Contact Purchasing at X2598.

6. Insurance Coverage Insurance coverage is required of a vendor when goods are to be installed or services are to be provided by that vendor on University property or on privately owned property that the owner has allowed the University to use. Worker compensation, general liability, and comprehensive auto liability (owned and non-owned) are required as stated in the UW-Green Bay Standard Terms and Conditions. Additional coverage may be required depending on the situation. A Certificate of Insurance will be required of all vendors providing High-Risk services. Examples of High Risk Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Charter
  • Ambulance
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Building, Grounds & Equipment
  • Maintenance Remodeling and Construction
  • Childcare
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Hazardous Waste Services
  • Manual Food Services (catering)
  • Medical Services (including optical and laboratory)
  • Recreational Services
  • Transportation and Travel Services (Tour operators and agencies)

Insurance coverage is required for equipment that is offered to the University on an evaluation/trial or loaner basis, or when contracting a lease-to-purchase transaction and is normally provided by the vendor. Depending on the shipping terms, insurance coverage may also be required during shipment of goods purchased.

7. Legal Services No state agency may employ legal counsel without prior approval of the Governor.

8. Motor Vehicles All motor vehicle acquisitions must be approved by the State Department of Administration (DOA) and the Governor.

9. Trademarks and Logos All products bearing University of Wisconsin - Green Bay registered logos, indicia or trademarks must be purchased from licensed vendors. Contact the Phoenix Bookstore Manager at X2323.

10. Weapons All purchases for firearms (handguns are prohibited, except for Public Safety) must be approved by the Director of Public Safety.

11. Remodeling of Campus Facilities Prior approval from the Director of Facilities Management is required for any work, including acquisition and installation of equipment, which impacts the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical or security system of a campus building or results in a change in space usage. This approval is required to ensure that the proposed work is a feasible project which complies with campus standards, state codes and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, and that the existing systems can support any new equipment or remodeling. Contact Facilities Management at X2394.

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