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Sole Source Purchases


State of Wisconsin purchasing policy states that the competitive bidding process is the preferred method for purchasing supplies or services and is to be used in every case unless it can be determined, and justified, that competitive bidding is neither practical on a given procurement, nor in the best interest of the University. A waiver of the bidding process must be requested on a case-by-case basis.

1. UW-Green Bay Purchasing has authority to waive the competitive process for transactions up to $25,000.

2. Wisconsin law stipulates that only the Governor may waive the competitive bid process for transactions over $25,000.

When requesting a non-competitive purchase over $25,000, additional information and justification will be required. UW-Green Bay Purchasing, UW System Administration, the State Bureau of Procurement, or the Governor's staff may ask for additional information during the process. Unless an emergency situation exists, a Governor's waiver takes from 8-10 weeks to be approved or denied. Use the competitive process whenever possible to minimize delays.


Non-competitive purchases may be made when necessary and appropriate. Generally, the criteria are that the item(s) or service(s) is not available from any other source or that an emergency situation exists.

Sole Source Requests are processed within the Requisition Wizard in ShopUW+. When completing the Requisition Wizard, answer "No" to the question, "Is there competition (more than one supplier in this marketspace)?". This will trigger the Wwaiver of Bidding Form, which will be reviewed by Purchasing upon submission.

The following are not acceptable criteria for an emergency non-competitive purchase: Expiration of funds; administrative delay or confusion in processing the necessary paperwork for purchasing approval, including expiration of a previously received quotation.