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Newspaper Advertising


Out of Date: This information is out of date. Please contact for Information.

The State of Wisconsin Department of Administration and UW-Madison have contracts with various newspapers that UW-Green Bay is able, and in some cases, required to utilize. These contracts offer pricing discounts and various methods for ordering advertising. They also list Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) vendors that can be used for advertising. UW-Green Bay Departments may advertise in publications not covered by this contract, as long as established procurement procedures are followed. (See PPP #3 Best Judgment Purchases).


The contract vendors accept various methods of ordering ad placement and payment. These include suborders placed against Contract Blanket Orders, payments by Purchasing Card (with pre-approval from Purchasing), or payment by direct billing. Classified ads are placed by Shelly Brehmer in Accounts Payable. Send Accounts Payable an email with an electronic copy of the ad as you would like it to appear, the name of publication you want it to appear in and the date(s) the ad should appear, along with budget code to be charged. It is assumed that ads received by Shelly for placement have already received prior approval to advertise from the Position Review Committee.

Departments must adhere to individual newspaper's publication schedule. Shorter lead times are subject to approval by the newspaper on a case-by-case basis. Publication deadlines for each newspaper are available by contacting Shelly at x2206. These deadlines may vary from time to time, particularly during holiday periods. It is recommended that you call ahead to verify deadlines for time-sensitive advertisements.

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