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Copy Center

Copy Center - DigiCOPY

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Copy Center (DigiCOPY),is a camera-ready printing facility that provides university departments with high-speed copying, color copying, and bindery services at low prices. DigiCOPY is now located at 211 East Walnut Street, Green Bay, WI 54301.

Some examples of print jobs include, but are not limited to:

  • classroom materials
  • exams
  • posters
  • pamphlets
  • booklets
  • classroom manuals
  • letters
  • and more...
  • (Reams of color paper may be ordered from DigiCOPY.)

*Note: Contract pricing pertains to any University-related, faculty/staff order. Personal orders for faculty/staff/student are allowed at 25% discount off of retail pricing.

Procedures for Placing Print Orders

All printing that cannot be accommodated by DigiCOPY (regardless of quantity or cost) must be purchased using mandated state contract vendors or vendors awarded via the bid process conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Print Manager, Tammy Papineau. Please contact Tammy at x2214 with any questions. 

Tammy must approve all outside vendor print requests.

Requesting Services:

  • Important Notes to Remember
  • Printing of Copyrighted Materials
  • Supplying Artwork

Billing Detail

All orders will appear in WISDM on a weekly basis (estimated charges will be shown in the online order system)


Tammy Papineau
Print Manager
(920) 465-2214
Cofrin Library, 815

Tory Ortscheid 
Contract Administrator 
(920) 465-2598
Cofrin Library, 730

211 E Walnut St 
Green Bay WI 54301
(920) 465-2403

Primary Contact

Sheryl Biersteker
Customer Service Rep 

Troy Bauer 
Store Manager & District Sales Manager 

Ann Beaman 
Production Manager

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 
7am - 10pm

7am - 7pm

9am - 6pm

Noon - 6pm

Printer and Copier Paper Request

Printer/Ricoh Paper Request 

Make sure to fill out completely:

  • Budget Code (for Printers Only)
  • Date
  • Name
  • Phone #
  • Department
  • Inter-Campus Mail Code
  • Order Quantity
8 1/2 x 11​
White Printer Paper Case $40.04
8 1/2 x 14 White Printer ​Paper Ream $  5.50
8 1/2 x 14 White Printer ​Paper Case $54.96
11 x 17 White Printer ​Paper Ream​ $  8.35
11 x 17 White Printer ​Paper Case $41.74

**Prices Effective November 1, 2018


Important Notes to Remember:

Date Due must be included.

  • If there is a specific time you need the order, please indicate on the form.
  • Avoid using terms such as ASAP/RUSH.
  • Allow two business days to complete the job.

One-sided copy means you want printing on one side of the paper.

Two-sided copy means you want printing on both sides.

  • For example if you had 10 originals and you wanted printing on both sides, you would mark the form 5 sheets/two sides. It would be how you want the finished product to be.


Printing Copyrighted Material

The Copy Center will not copy a copyrighted document unless approval is authorized and documented.

A name must be provided on the Order Form authorizing the Copy Center to print any copyrighted material. The signature must be from either:
• the owner of the copyrighted material, OR
• someone in the department who has permission to get the job printed.

The ordering department is required to maintain documentation permission has been received for audit purposes.

All copyrighted documents will be returned to the department if a name is not provided in the authorization section.

Supplying Artwork

(when providing a hard copy vs electronic copy)
  • Do not fold originals
  • Originals should not be wrinkled or have torn edges
  • Face all originals in the same direction
  • All originals should be the same size
  • Remove all staples
  • When using post it notes, please make them visible
  • Allow minimum margins of 3/8" at all edges