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All printing that is purchased with state dollars (does not include those monies generated from student segregated fees) must be purchased through the Copy Center or the designated agency printing manager for the University (if the Copy Center located on campus is not able to meet your requirements.).

The purchase of printing is governed by Chapters 16 and 35 of the Wisconsin Statutes which mandates that all printing, regardless of the dollar amount, must be purchased either through an established state contract or a competitive bid process. Printing herein means all custom printing, duplicating or photocopying of materials, e.g. books, brochures, forms and envelopes. It does not cover such items where printing is considered to be incidental to the total cost of the item, e.g. pencils, coffee cups, and binders. These types of items can be purchased following normal state purchasing regulations. If you are not certain which area your project falls, contact the University Print Manager, Tammy Papineau at x2214 or e-mail her at

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