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Undergraduate Catalogs 2004-2005

Degree Requirements

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FieldDegreeCourse Description
Accounting (ACCTG)Major | MinorCourses
American Indian Studies(AIST)No degree offeredCourses
American Indians StudiesMinorNo course description avaiable
Anthropology (ANTHRO)MinorCourses
Art (ART)Major | MinorCourses
Biology (BIOLOGY)Major | MinorCourses
Business Administration (BUS ADM)Major | MinorCourses
Chemistry (CHEM)Major | MinorCourses
Communication (COMM)Major | MinorCourses
Communication And The Arts (COMN ART)Major | MinorCourses
Communication Processes (COMP PRO)MinorNo course description avaiable
Communication Skills (COM SKIL)No degree offeredCourses
Community Sciences (COMM SCI)No degree offeredCourses
Computer Science (COMP SCI)Major | MinorCourses
Corporate Communications(CORP COM)MinorNo course description avaiable
Earth Sciences (EARTH SC)Major | MinorCourses
Economics (ECON)Major | MinorCourses
Education (EDUC)Major | MinorCourses
Engineering (ENGR)No degree offeredCourses
English (ENGLISH)Major | MinorCourses
English Composition (ENG COMP)No degree offeredCourses
Environmental Policy & PlanningMajor | MinorNo course description avaiable
Environmental Sciences (ENV SCI)Major | MinorCourses
French (FRENCH)Major | MinorCourses
Freshman Seminar(FR SEM)No degree offeredCourses
Geography (GEOG)Major | MinorCourses
German (GERMAN)Major | MinorCourses
History (HISTORY)Major | MinorCourses
Human Biology (HUM BIOL)Major | MinorCourses
Human Development (HUM DEV)Major | MinorCourses
Humanistic Studies (HUM STUD)Major | MinorCourses
Individual MajorMajor | MinorNo course description avaiable
Information And Computing Science(I COM SC)No degree offeredCourses
Information Science Major (INFO SCI)Major | MinorNo course description avaiable
Interdisciplinary StudiesMajor | MinorNo course description avaiable
Interdisciplinary Studies (IST)No degree offeredCourses
Japanese (JAPANESE)No degree offeredCourses
Math (MATH)Major | MinorCourses
Military Science (MIL SCI)No degree offeredCourses
Music (MUSIC)Major | MinorCourses
Music Applied (MUS APP)No degree offeredCourses
Nursing (NURSING)MajorCourses
Nursing Collaborative (NURS COL)MajorCourses
Nursing National (NURS NAT)MajorCourses
Nutrition ScienceMajor | MinorNo course description avaiable
Nutritional Sciences (NUT SCI)No degree offeredCourses
Philosophy (PHILOS)Major | MinorCourses
Physical Education (PHY ED)No degree offeredCourses
Physics (PHYSICS)MinorCourses
Political Science (POL SCI)Major | MinorCourses
Portuguese (PORTUG)No degree offeredCourses
Problem Solving (PROB SOL)No degree offeredCourses
Psychology (PSYCH)Major | MinorCourses
Public AdministrationMajor | MinorNo course description avaiable
Public And Environmental Affairs (PU EN AF)No degree offeredCourses
Social Change And Development (SOC C D)Major | MinorCourses
Social Work (SOC WORK)MajorCourses
Sociology (SOCIOL)Major | MinorCourses
Spanish (SPANISH)Major | MinorCourses
Student Support Services (S S SERV)No degree offeredCourses
Theatre (THEATRE)MajorCourses
Urban And Regional Studies (UR RE ST)Major | MinorCourses
Women's StudiesMinorNo course description avaiable

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