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Legal or Preferred Identity Practices

Name Changes

Name Changes can be requested via a name change form found on the Registrar form page. Select Name Change form.

Legal Name Use or Requested Change

  • Please select legal name change on the form as type of change and upload required documentation to identify the change made (documentation can include driver's license, passport, court documents, marriage license).
  • At the time a legal name change is requested, students decide if they want their user ID name to also change that is associated with network access and the Outlook email addressed assigned by UW Green Bay.
  • Places where legal first name is used
    • Student Accounts
    • Financial Aid Records
  • Third Party Degree or Enrollment Verifications (unless you have chosen FERPA Exclusion)
  • Official Transcripts
  • School of Education teacher certification records
  • Human Resources (Student Employment Documents)

Preferred Name Use or Requested Change

  • A student may opt to have a preferred name displayed in the Student Information System on campus. Please select preferred name as type of change.
  • Preferred name requestes result in the Outlook email address display name being updated, the user network name is not eliminated or updated.
  • Places Where Preferred Name is Displayed:
    • Unofficial Transcript
    • Academic Advising Reports
    • Class Rosters
    • Grade Rosters
    • Outlook email name
    • Campus Directory
    • Student ID photos
    • Canvas online platform
    • Commencement Program
    • Diploma (however will not match the official transcript of record, if sent together, as the legal record must contain the legal name of record).

Gender Changes

Legal Gender Use or Requested Change

  • Please select legal gender change on the form as type of change and upload required documentation to identify the change made (documentation must be a birth certificate with new gender identified). 

Preferred Gender

  • At this time UW Green Bay does not have the ability to make a preferred gender change to display in our student information system.
  • If a preferred gender option is adopted similar processes will be developed and identified at a later date.

Social Security Number Changes

  • Students are not required to provide a SSN for admission or academic record purposes.
  • Please be aware in the past 50 years, UW Green Bay has used SSN as a means to identify an academic record of a student. Providing all or the last 4 digits of your SSN helps us locate and find archived records. If you do not want to provide this information in speaking with a staff member who is trying to match to your record, please be aware you may be asked to then provide other identifiers so we can verify your profile/academic data.
  • Note: If you need a 1098T form for tax purposes this is matched with your personal SSN, which does need to be provided so financial staff in the Bursar's office are able to issue this important tax document. Student Billing's Tax Information
  • Note: A valid social security number number is part of the application process for Financial Aid, please see the financial aid web site for more information about applying for aid and steps to completing this process. Financial Aid
  • Please note all staff or faculty members who utilize the Student Information System (SIS) will be viewing all the information identified above.
  • Many other staff members are seeing only a preferred or legal name or both in the work they are completing.
  • Staff is assigned security to see data elements as it relates to their employment on campus with legal name used on most items related to billing, financial aid or academic records.
  • You may be asked to validate and provide identifiers to our legal record data, please do not be offended and prepare for these interactions.
    • One of the best suggestions is to start an interaction by providing your student ID number and stating you have both a preferred name and legal name in our system and provide one or both in your discussion while working with that university employee.
If you have further questions about this process, please contact GBOSS at or (920) 465-2111.