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2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Tuition refunds and/or withdrawal fees and academic deadlines vary by length of course and date of transaction. Consult the appropriate calendar for the appropriate semester per course session for more details.

Fee Deadlines

Don't miss a payment due date.

Registration Calendar

Stay ahead of deadlines for adding, dropping or withdrawing from classes, and other important dates. See Registration Calendars.

August 21, 2017First day of 2017-2018 appointment period (9-month)
September 5, 2017First day of classes (Fall 14-week semester)
October 13, 2017Registration begins for January 2018 semester
October 30, 2017Spring 2018 registration begins on a priority basis
November 22, 2017Thanksgiving recess begins at 5:30 pm, no classes Wednesday evening
November 23, 2017Thanksgiving, campus closed
November 24, 2017Thanksgiving recess in progress, most campus offices open for normal business hours
November 27, 2017Classes resume
December 13, 2017Last day of classes (Fall 14-week semester)
December 14, 2017Final examinations begin
December 16, 2017Commencement (students completing courses in December or January semester attend this ceremony)
December 20, 2017Last day of final examinations OFFICIAL END DATE OF THE FALL 2017 SEMESTER
December 21, 2017Holiday recess begins
January 2, 2018First day of class January 2018 semester
January 8-19, 2018Advising, testing and registration week
January 12, 2018Summer 2018 registration begins
January 15, 2018Observance of Martin Luther King Day - campus closed
January 19, 2018Last day of classes January 2018 semester OFFICIAL END DATE OF THE JANUARY 2018 SEMESTER
January 22, 2018First day of classes (Spring 14-week semester)
March 10, 2018Spring recess begins
March 18, 2018Classes resume
April 2, 2018Fall 2018 registration begins on a priority basis
May 4, 2018Last day of classes (Spring 14-week semester)
May 7, 2018Final examinations begin
May 11, 2018Last day of final examinations OFFICIAL END DATE OF THE SPRING 2018 SEMESTER
May 12, 2018Commencement (students completing courses in spring or summer semester attend this ceremony)
May 20, 2018Last day of contract period
May 21, 2018Four week 1 and Ten Week classes begin
May 26-28, 2018Memorial Day recess - campus closed
June 15, 2018Four week 1 classes end
June 18, 2018Four week 2, six-week and eight-week classes begin
July 4, 2018Independence Day observance - campus closed
July 13, 2018Four-week 2 classes end
July 16, 2018Four-week 3 classes begin
July 27, 2018Six-week and Ten Week classes end
August 10, 2018Four-week 3 and eight-week classes end OFFICIAL END OF SUMMER 2018 SEMESTER

Dates may change without notice.