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The state of your tuition may be impacted by the state you're from.

We welcome all, in-state or out, but which state you're from can save you in tuition. It's worth while to find out more.

Dive into the Details
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Residency Status

Residency classification is made during the admission process. So, if you haven't, apply now. The determination is based on many different factors including, but not limited to:

  • How long you've lived in Wisconsin
  • Legal dependence upon a parent or legal guardian with bona fide Wisconsin residence
  • High school of graduation
  • Verification of employment relocation
  • Explore all the qualifications for residency status

Residency Discounts

Information regarding resident classification for tuition purposes:
Dan Vande Yacht from the Registrar office

Residency Help

Feeling lost? Let us help! We're experts at diving into the details to ensure that you're eligible for the residence benefits you deserve. We've cleared the path for many a Phoenix.

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