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Hints and Tips

As of 07/06/2017

IIf you have any issues with anything in CAT = Catalog or CIM = Curriculum Information Management please notify the Registrar's office at


Internet Explorer 11 issues are now resolved you should be able to use browser of choicefor submitting data. Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox should all be compatible for use.


  1. Page owners of program overview are currently set to the Department chair, if the department members want to create an editor group, please contact Registrar office to set up and indicate what members should be added to that group.
  2. Once a page is submitted to workflow, it cannot be edited until approved.
  3. If you have an update to the current live catalog on the web, you must submit your request to the Registrar's office to update.
  4. The 2017-2018 catalog is locked for editing. Only typographical errors, faculty additions or correction of information accepted.
    • Program changes are not accepted to the live catalog.
    • 2018-2019 changes can be submitted in the NextCatalog.
    • 2016-2017 catalog is now archived to a PDF version.

Course Admin

Workflows-Most of the initial issues are resolved with workflows, if you notice something is not going to correct chair, or approver, please do not approve, notify and we will capture the issue, and insert the appropriate approver to workflow.
Course Issues;
  • First Year Seminar 198 courses are set up as FYS and Writing Emphasis in General Education. The GEC Council reviews course syllabi when a new topic is created. Please edit the 198 course, to add new topic, attach syllabi, to ensure appropriate review.
  • Experimental courses can be harder to understand what actions to take depending on whether you want to create a topic to the X83 course which exists for one time offerings, by topic OR if you are trying to set up an eventual permanent course with an alpha character designation such as 483J. *We recommend you contact us or come to a training to get information to correctly enter this type of course for the 1st time.
  • Capstone courses, these are also considered General Education and need review of GEC. If more than one faculty will be offering a topic within the course, opt to set this up as a topic course to accomodate this.
  • Topic courses, do not delete or edit existing topics, even if you are creating something new or similar. Always add a row. Prior topics are there for historical reference and to transcribe the topic completed for indivdual students. Editing or deleting places the course file out of synchronization between SIS and CourseLeaf.
  • Change a course number (make an experimental into a permanent course) the steps are to deactivate the current course. Submit a new course proposal for the permanent course number.
  • Undergraduate/graduate cross-offerings, you submit TWO proposals, one for the undergraduate number, one for graduate number. Two are needed, as they workflow past two differing approvers (Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies Councils)
  • Deactivated courses-most are captured. If you find one you think is deactivated, but is not labeled as such, contact Registrar to verify.
  • Reactivating a deactivated course, you need to contact Registrar office for us to remove a set of coding in SIS, once we re-load the file, the course become open for you to edit and reactivate.

Program Admin

If you want to create a new cooperative or collaborative program, take an on-campus program off-campus (entirely or add an off-campus option) or change an on-campus offering to all distance education OR add a distance education option don't forget to fill out the appropriate information or add detail in the rationale for change, submission of attached documentation.


All faculty are set up as users to be able to enter couse or program changes for your deparment.
  • Content experts are encouraged to enter these requests which are routed to the department chair for approval.
To access the Courseleaf Sofware you must login. Login is the password is your network password.
  • If you do not have access make sure you contact the Registrar's office for credentials to be assigned.

 If you have other questions or concerns please email