UW Extension Independent Learning Tuition Waiver

University of Wisconsin Extension through Learning Innovations offers a wide range of courses that may be completed through their Independent Learning options.  More information can be found on the UW Extension web site:

Applicable Criteria:

  • Student may have a waiver approved for fall and spring semesters only.
    • Waivers are not available for January interim or summer enrollment at UW - Green Bay (UWGB)
  • The credits earned through UW- Extension must transfer and count toward an undergraduate degree requirement at UWGB.
  • Student has paid (or will pay) full time tuition at UWGB and remain in full-time status (12+ credits) at UWGB.
  • The total amount of credits in progress at UWGB plus those from UW- Extension is reviewed for approval by the Registrar up the maximum amount of credit allowed at UWGB (18 credits for undergraduates)
  • Waivers can be granted for credits above the full time undergraduate tuition plateau 13-18 credits, any tuition and fees for credits taken above the limit are the student responsibility
    • Example a student is enrolled in 16 credits at UWGB and enrolls in a 3 credit UW Extension course.
    • A waiver is approved for two credits, with one additional credit of tuition and fees assessed to the student
  • Students may only add an Independent Learning course through the end of the sixth week of regular 14 week courses.
    • Courses less than 14 weeks students may add a course up to the point when 50% of the course is delivered.
  • Independent Learning Waiver forms can be obtained by contacting the Registrar's office at gboss@uwgb.edu or stopping in the GBOSS location in SS1100.
  • Students complete the form, providing enrollment data for the semester requested, UW Extension course information, payment information and submit the form for approval to the Registrar
  • Student data is reviewed for approval and an email notification is sent to the students UWGB email account
  • Once the approval is granted students should go to the UW Independent Learning website (il.wisconsin.edu/catalog/index.aspx) to pre-register.
    • On the Payment Options page, choose the "mail/fax/phone/purchase order" option and click "Submit Registration."
    • Once you pre-register for the course you will receive an automated confirmation email to a valid email addressed from Learning Innovations.
    • Scan and email (il@uwex.edu) the completed approval form from UWGB to UW Independent Learning Student Services by attaching it to the confirmation email.
  • Once you have sent the approval form, contact UW Independent Learning Student Services 1-877-UW-LEARN (895-3276).
    • A $75 administrative fee is then paid over the phone or by check, this fee is not part of the waiver granted

Information updated 7/1/2015