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Our Goals

We demonstrate leadership in our policies, programs and practices toward local and global ecological integrity. As stewards of knowledge, we continue to institutionalize appropriate environmental practices, policies and sustainability-related curriculum decisions. We seek to prepare a community of sustainable learners and ensure our students are being prepared for employment and citizenship in a world defined, in part, by environmental and other challenges. We must ensure that the University promotes sustainability in all aspects of the University. From: Strategic Planning Themes, January 19, 2011    

Building connections

The natural environment, its man-made surroundings, and its culture, all contribute to the learning environment of the University. To that end, faculty and staff actively engage students in the development of knowledge and skills that help them to become environmentally aware citizens. Started in fall 2014, the general education requirements for all new students now includes a course focused on sustainability topics. The UW-Green Bay academic plan promotes hands-on learning through internships, research and team projects. This certainly applies to environmental students, but also to students across all disciplines. It proposes that students should examine issues from multiple perspectives, including the environmental, historical, social and psychological viewpoints, and to work effectively with those from other academic areas of interest. UW-Green Bay’s “interdisciplinary” structure provides for deep and meaningful connections and problem-solving across practical areas of interest.