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Food & Dining

Chartwells Dining at UW-Green Bay follows sustainable practices by making sustainable food and beverage purchases.

Sustainable Practices - Chartwells Dining UWGB
Product Quantity Unit Product Vendor Product Label/Brand Product Description Category
Cage Free Eggs 2521 each Sysco Foods rembrdt Egg Shell CG FR LG HFAC GRA Third Party Verified
RBGH Free Milk 4548 gallon Prairie Dairy Prairie Dairy Gallon, Pint or Dispenser Local & Community Based
Antibiotic - reduced Chicken 16164 pounds Sysco Foods Tyson, SYS CLS 4 oz. Breast, 8 Cut, wings, Ground, Thigh, Random Breast Third Party Verified
Antibiotic - reduced Turkey 6096 pounds Sysco Foods Butterball, Hormel Turkey Ground Course Raw, Turkey Breast O/R 100% All Natural Third Party Verified
Sustainable Seafood 2079 pounds Sysco Foods Neptune, Portimp, Seafest, Fishery Shrimp, Pangasuis, Crispy Cod, 2oz. Cod, Tiliapia, 4oz. Salmon, Pollock Fillets Third Party Verified 
Produce 1469 pounds Loffredo Froduce Loffredo Produce Variety of root vegetable, tomatoes, greens, squash, tree, fruit, berries, fresh herbs Local & Community Based
Fair Trade/ Eco Coffee 351 pounds Door County Coffee/Farmer Brothers Door county Coffee/Farmer Brothers Flavored Coffees, Single Orgin, Espresso, Portland Blend(regular Decat)  Local & Community Based
RBGH Free Yogurt 477 cases Sysco Foods Yoplait Yogurt Vanilla Parfait Pouch Third Party Verified

Vegan and Vegetarian Options
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