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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Office of Sustainability.

UW-Green Bay, founded in 1965, engaged in a novel approach to campus planning that joined together academic programs, residential life, and the physical campus environment. The program areas focused on environmental research and teaching and the campus was conceived as a holistic university community, with students spending much of their time on campus. The university was heralded for its environmental ethic and was dubbed “Eco U” by Harper’s Magazine, Newsweek and other national and regional media in the early 1970s. The nickname came about in large part because of the University’s multidisciplinary approach to solving environmental problems.

Over 50 years later and with an updated select mission, that approach is still thriving at the university. We are committed “to a university that promotes access, career success, cross-discipline collaboration, cultural enrichment, economic development, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability… demonstrated through a wide array of programs and certifications offered in four colleges.” Regionally, nationally, and planetarily, we need to develop thought leaders to solve some of the world’s most challenging economic, social, and environmental problems if we are to leave a thriving planet for generations to come.

The Office of Sustainability looks forward to bringing together students, faculty and staff, and community organizations to collaboratively address the issues facing us and to seek sustainable solutions. The long-term health of both our institution and the region depends upon us recalling our environmental legacy and actively demonstrating why we still deserve the title “Eco U.”

Thank you and go Phoenix!               

John Arendt
Director, Office of Sustainability