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Boost your bank balance and work experience.

Looking to work somewhere that's more than just a gig? Join our University Union crew! With a flexible schedule tailored to your classes, an uber-convenient campus location and real-deal professional growth opportunities, we're the perfect fit for Phoenixes ready to spread their wings. With a wide variety of roles available, we've got something for every talent and skill set out there. And hey, why not earn while you learn? Pay starts at $12.25 per hour.


UW-Green Bay student employee serving soup in to go containers

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Financial Services Coordinator

The Financial Services Coordinator coordinates and supervises the cash support services for the University Union, as well as processes and maintains financial records related to these services.

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Sustainability & Composting Intern

The intern in this program will assess/evaluate the types and amounts of pre-consumer food waste that is produced and will determine what kind of post-consumer waste is seen the most.

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Building Operations

Building Manager

The Building Manager is the primary University Union staff member responsible during all hours of operation for overall management including supervising the building at all times.

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Building Manager Coordinator

The Building Manager Coordinator is in charge of scheduling, coordinating, and handling personnel issues under the direction of the Building Operations Manager. They also complete the duties listed under Building Manager.

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Building Services Team Member

The Building Services Team members are responsible for preparing rooms for events and assisting the University Union professional custodians in maintaining the cleanliness of the facility.

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Building Services Team Coordinator

The Building Services Team Coordinator schedules, coordinates and supervises the event and custodial services function of the Building Services Team, including: assisting with hiring, training and evaluations.

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Reservations Assistant

The Reservations Assistant is responsible for helping customers reserve meeting rooms, academic rooms, special event spaces and outdoor spaces.

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Reservations Coordinator

The Reservations Coordinator is responsible for the training, scheduling and guidance of the Reservations Assistants, as well as understanding complex Reservations programs.

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Sound & Light Technician

The Sound and Light Technician assists with the provision of all technical services required for events and programs taking place on campus.

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Technical Services Coordinator

The Technical Services Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of administration, use, maintenance, repair, inventory and storage of University Union technical equipment. This includes the supervision and training of a team of technicians.

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Esports Manager

The Esports Student Manager serves as the primary onsite support for the UW-Green Bay Esports program.

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Esports Lounge Assistant

The Esports Lounge Assistant ensures the Esports lounge is a safe and welcoming environment for all gamers.

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Customer Service

Phoenix Club Assistant

The Phoenix Club Assistant is responsible for the daily running of the Phoenix Club, including taking orders, preparing food, and assisting with stocking.

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Phoenix Club Coordinator

The Phoenix Club Coordinator supervises the Phoenix Club Assistants through scheduling, orientation, advising and training.

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Phoenix Club Events Coordinator

The Phoenix Club Events Coordinator is responsible for all the recreational equipment located within the Phoenix Club. They also plan special events and game tournaments.

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University Ticketing & Information Center (UTIC) Assistant

The UTIC Assistant is responsible for maintaining constant communication and providing accurate information to the University Union customers, UW-Green Bay students, faculty, staff and community members; referring them to the appropriate location or personnel to handle their questions/concerns.

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University Ticketing & Information Center (UTIC) Coordinator

The UTIC Coordinator acts as the primary liaison between the Information Center Manager and student employees.

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Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator supervises the Marketing Team and provides artistic and marketing support for the area for the entire University Union and Student Engagement Center.

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Digital Communications Assistant

The Digital Communications Assistant is responsible for the management and oversight of all University Union and Student Engagement Center social media accounts. They are also responsible for writing and creating various mass email communications and assisting with general marketing tasks.

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Graphic Artist

The Graphic Artist is responsible for proper completion of graphic design and layout assignments.

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Multimedia Specialist

The Multimedia Specialist is responsible for the planning, creation, editing, and execution of high-quality photos and videos to use on University Union and Student Engagement Center platforms.

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