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Poster Posting

The University Union offers bulletin board space to UW-Green Bay on-campus customers at no charge.* The purpose of posting is to promote events, services, or specials at UW-Green Bay.

Posting on Campus

Open Posting (9)

University BuildingPoster
Cofrin Library2Walkway between Student Services and Cofrin Library (both sides: 2)
Instructional Services1Board to right of Entry to IS1004
Lab Sciences1Entry from walkway between Environmental Science and Lab Sciences
Mary Ann Cofrin Hall1Board near MAC113
Rose Hall1Board in walkway to Circle Entrance (East & West)
Student Services1Board in hallway between Student Services and Theatre Hall
Theater Hall1Walkway between Theatre Hall and Studio Arts
Wood Hall1Board near WH102

Drop Off Posting (63)

University BuildingPoster
Drop Off Location
Community Center (Housing)53Front Desk
Kress Events Center3Front Desk
Mauthe Center1Front Desk
Multicultural Resource Center
1Front Desk
Pride Center1University Union 153
University Union4University Ticketing & Information Center

Please drop off posters flat (not rolled up).
*Printing fees are charged separately. **Peak season is January 15-March 1 and August 15-October 1

Where to Find Posters

Find out where we place posters around campus.

University Union Locations

Drop off up to four posters at the University Ticketing & Information Center for your University sponsored events.

View Posting Locations  

Public Boards

Community organizations and businesses may display postings on specific public bulletin boards in the University Union.

View Public Board Locations  


Our poster posting policies ensure that all submitted posters adhere to guidelines for appropriate content and design, creating a positive and inclusive environment for all.

  • Any postings promoting an event must be open to all UW-Green Bay students or be of public interest to the UW-Green Bay community.
  • All event-based postings must contain, in clear and conspicuous lettering, the following information:
    • The University sponsor department or organization of the event
    • The date and time for the event
    • The name of the event and its purpose
    • Location of the event
    • Accessibility Statement at the bottom of the poster, in at least 12 pt font
      • “If you have a disability and would like to discuss accommodations, please contact [Department Name and email and/or phone number].”
    • All postings must follow the educational mission of the University. Any racist, degrading and/or potentially offensive content is not allowed and is subject to immediate removal.
  • Poster Size
    • The ideal poster size is 11x17” (portrait). 8.5x11” flyers are also permitted.
    • If a customer wishes to display a poster larger than 11"x17," they should contact the University Reservations to reserve a banner space
  • The content of one event, cause, campaign or any other type of advertisement should not exceed one poster due to limited space on bulletin boards. Clients are encouraged to utilize a QR code to link to additional information. Posters/flyers should not be stapled, paper-clipped or bound together in any other way.
  • Advertising of alcohol or controlled substances is not allowed.
  • If an event deals with sensitive topics, such as sexual assault, harassment, etc. a copy must be sent to the Dean of Students Office for prior approval.
  • Posters that are posted outside of designated bulletin boards, such as on walls or pillars, will be removed immediately.
  • The University Union Marketing Department reserves the right to remove any posters that violate this policy.
  • Up to four posters may be dropped off to the University Ticketing & Information Center, located on the main level of the University Union. Internal customers are not permitted to post their own posters on bulletin boards in the University Union.
    • During peak seasons** the University Ticketing & Information Center and University Union Marketing Team reserve the right to accept a limited amount of posters to allow space for all events to be promoted.
  • Apart from the University Union and Student Engagement Center, departments are allowed a maximum of three posters up at one time.
  • The client understands that they are not guaranteed bulletin board space, and they should be proactive about checking with the University Union Marketing Department to see if space is available.
  • The adequate time to market an event is two full weeks prior to the event. All customers are encouraged to drop off their posters at least two weeks prior, but no later than one week prior, to their event date.
  • Postings are maintained twice per week by the University Union Marketing Department. Posters are subject to immediate removal once the advertisement has expired, and new postings will be displayed within three business days after drop off.
  • The University Union Marketing Department will not put up any posters in which the display time would be less than two business days.
  • Event Posters and General Services Posters
    • Posters may be displayed for a maximum of two weeks. Display time may be reduced to one week during peak seasons**
  • Recurring Events(Ongoing events or meetings, semester-long programs)
    • Departments that host recurring events are encouraged to consolidate the amount of information they are displaying as much as possible. Rather than displaying several posters of the same event with different dates, a series poster should be created with all dates for the event.
    • One poster may be displayed for the entire period of the recurring event or for one academic semester (whichever comes first), on one bulletin board of the client’s choice. The client may request that their posting is displayed on an additional board if space allows, at the discretion of the University Union Marketing Department.
  • Recruitment Periods(Call to join student organization, Honors Societies, etc)
    • If there is a specific recruitment period, posters may be displayed for a maximum of two weeks.
    • If recruitment is ongoing, one poster may be displayed for the entire period (up to one academic semester) on one bulletin board of the client’s choice.
  • Other
    • Any other types of advertisements must be approved by the University Union Marketing Department. Please email a copy of your poster to for review and approval.
  • It is understood that some events or promotions may need to be advertised longer than the typical timeline. Customers who wish to inquire about alternative timelines may contact the University Union Marketing & Graphic Design Specialist. Accommodations can be made to customers who reach out in advance, at the discretion of management.
  • Internal bulletin boards will be used to display events for the UW-Green Bay community. These events are sponsored by a UW-Green Bay department or recognized student organization.
  • Public bulletin boards are open to members of the public as long as they follow the posting guidelines and are relevant to the UW-Green Bay community. They are located in the following areas:
    • Board 1: Main Level of the University Union next to the Phoenix Bookstore, in the entryway from the Student Services Patio
    • Board 2: Lower Level of the University Union next to the housing entrance stairs
    • Board 3: Lower Level of the University Union in the hallway that leads to the Christie Theatre
    • Board 4: Lower Level of the University Union in the hallway leading to Student Services

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