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Mailing & Postage

USPS Service

The University Ticketing & Information Center provides select U.S. Postal Services, mail, and shipping. Outgoing mail can be dropped off at any time during our regular business hours. It will be sent out via the UW-Green Bay Mailroom. Weekday pick up times may vary. In accordance with government regulations, packages over 10 ounces may not be mailed from this location, and must be mailed from a U.S. Post Office.

UPS Service

The University Ticketing & Information Center offers a convenient option to drop off ready-to-ship packages for UPS delivery.

Mailing Product Pricing

USPS ServicesPrices Vary
First-Class Forever, Global Forever and Postcard Stamps
(Sold individually or in rolls/books/sheet)
Range from: 56¢ - $14.60
Envelopes & Bubble MailersRange from: 10¢ - $1.15
Shipping BoxesRange from: 75¢ - $3.00
Bubble Wrap25¢ per sheet

Get In Touch

Contact the University Ticketing & Information Center (UTIC) for questions about mailing and postage.

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