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Off-Campus Clients

The University Union would be happy to host your next event. Immerse in our campus's charm and heartfelt camaraderie by choosing to celebrate your special day right here, in the heart of our Green Bay nest.

Between our Phoenix Rooms and Lenfesty Courtyard, we can accommodate from 25 to 300 guests. All food served in the University Union is prepared and served to you by our professional chefs and catering staff with our exclusive caterer, Chartwells.

To Book a Tour:

Call 920-465-2462 or Email

For Catering Inquiries:

Contact University Dining & Catering at 920-465-2715 and

Wedding Packages


Number of GuestsDate of EventRate
1-100June 1 - August 31$600
101-150June 1 - August 31$800
1-100September 1 - May 31$1,000
101-150September 1 - May 31$1,200
150-300 (Phoenix Rooms Only)Year Round$1,500

Wedding Locations

Lenfesty Courtyard

Lenfesty Courtyard & Winter Garden

The Lenfesty Courtyard is a beautiful outdoor space that emphasizes campus beauty and native Wisconsin foliage, along with a striking water fountain display. The Winter Garden is directly inside and features floor-to-ceiling windows that show off Lenfesty Courtyard.
This location is available for ceremonies only.

Event in the Phoenix Rooms

Phoenix Rooms

The Phoenix Rooms feature the perfect indoor space for your ceremony and/or reception. The room includes plenty of space for cocktail and banquet tables, a buffet line (or plated meal if you prefer!), and a full audio/visual equipment setup.

Additional Wedding Add-Ons

  • Uplighting
  • Audio/Visual equipment and staff
  • Catering

To learn more about our wedding options, please reach out to University Reservations at 920-465-2462.

Reservation Rates

Union RoomCapacityExternal Hourly Rate
Phoenix Room A75$30
Phoenix Room B 
Phoenix Room C
Phoenix Room AB
Phoenix Room BC
Phoenix Room ABC
1965 Room60$40
Alumni Room70$30
Phoenix Club100$40
Christie Theatre170$40
Room 12536$20
World Unity A25$20
World Unity B25$20
Esports Lounge
Booth Spacen/a$75

Academic Buildings

Classrooms and academic spaces are also available to host meetings and conferences. 

Available Spaces and Rates


We're here to help! You can email or call 920-465-2462 to get in touch with us.

Email University Reservations