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Reserve a Space

The University Union’s meeting rooms, promotional spaces, multi-purpose event rooms, as well as outdoor areas, may be reserved for meetings, conferences, banquets, dances or other types of gatherings.

Reservation Request

This request covers all University Union and academic rooms as well as outdoor spaces (like Phoenix Park), the Shorewood Center, booths, banner spaces and the Phoenix Rooms display case. Use this form if you have a one-time event or meeting.

Make A Reservation

Reoccurring Reservation Request

Does your organization or group plan to meet at the same time consistently throughout the semester? Or maybe you need to reserve the same room for a few days at a time. We can help by creating a series of events to help ensure your meetings run as smoothly as possible.

Create a Series

People gathered in union meeting room

Room Spaces

View a list of rooms in the University Union and their corresponding fees for reserving spaces.

Learn More

Union booth tables near the Cloud Commons

Union Booth Spaces

The University Union offers eight booth spaces throughout the building. Booths are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis for a full day at a time.

Union Booth Map

Group of students participating in goat yoga

Outdoor Reservations

Roast some s'mores at the fire pit, hold a volleyball tournament in Phoenix Park, or practice yoga with baby goats in the Campus Quad. Make sure to fill out the form two weeks prior to your event.

Request an Outdoor Space

A campus booth space checked out by a sorority

Campus Booth Spaces

View a map of booth spaces all over campus. Available locations include the Cofrin Library, Garden Cafe, MAC Hall, Studio Arts and Laboratory Sciences.

View Campus Booths

Additional Information

Academic Building

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay offers many viable rooms for every occasion. Two weeks after each semester starts, University Reservations will take requests for space use in academic buildings. For more information on reserving spaces throughout the campus, review the chart below and please contact the University Reservations Office.

CAmpus Spaces

Student Usage

University approved meetings or events sponsored by registered student organizations and student-focused departments do not pay meeting room usage fees. Students should be the primary attendees or participants at these scheduled events.

Faculty & Staff Usage

Departmental meetings and any faculty / staff / student meetings where the event is tied into the mission of the University do not pay a room usage fee, if a fee is not charged to guests attending the event. However, if an event does charge a fee to its attendees, an ancillary fee may be charged

Sponsored Discount Rate with Ancillary Costs

The internal rental rate would apply to "University Mission Statement" related meetings or events that are co-sponsored by faculty, staff, alumni groups, or university departments. Whether the university department is actually charged for the room usage depends upon the funding of the meeting or event. If the event is fully General Purpose Revenues funded and put on by a University department, there is no ancillary fee.

For all University departments sponsoring meetings or events that are funded with non-General Purpose Revenues dollars, (an example would be a department putting on a conference and charging a conference fee), an hourly ancillary fee would be applied.

Union RoomMaximum CapacityStudent Organization & Campus Department Daily RateMinimum Sponsored Discount Daily Rate with Ancillary CostsExternal Hourly Rate
Phoenix Room A75$0$25$30
Phoenix Room B
Phoenix Room C
Phoenix Room AB
Phoenix Room BC
Phoenix Room ABC
1965 Room60$0
Alumni Room70$0
Phoenix Club100$0
Christie Theatre170$0$25$40
Room 12536$0
World Unity A25$0
World Unity B25$0
Esports Lounge
Booth Spacen/a$0

Streaming Service Rates

ServiceStudent Organization & Campus Department Daily Rate
Minimum Sponsored Discount Daily Rate with Ancillary Costs
External Hourly Rate
Logitech Pro$0$25$50
Multicamera Setup$25$50$100
Tech Staffing$16/hr$16/hr
Additional Audio/Visual Technology (microphones/lighting)$0May result in additional fees
May result in additional fees
External Rental

The external rental rate would apply to all off-campus individuals or groups renting meeting room space on the campus. It would also apply to any faculty, staff, or student member that is using a room for a private, personal event, where the majority of the guests are non-campus related.

View Rates

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