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Get Involved

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A Successful College Experience: The Choice Is Yours

Your experience at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will be as rewarding and enriching as you are willing to make it. By taking advantage of the many opportunities and possibilities which are available, you can increase the odds of becoming the best person you can be, living the best life you can live, and making a difference for the environment and society.

Have a positive attitude.

The only real control we can have is over ourselves. We can neither control other people nor various situations but we can control how we respond to them. Responding to life with a positive attitude affects our behavior and ultimately our destiny.

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Be involved.

There are many clubs, organizations, campus activities and events for you to select from. The key to active involvement on campus and to benefit from these associations is to find what fits your needs. Participate in a variety of activities until you find an organization or type of campus involvement that challenges you. Being involved provides an opportunity to have fun, meet people, develop leadership and communication skills, learn from experiences, build self-confidence, as well as build your resume and portfolio.

Embrace diversity.

On campus you will have the opportunity to meet people from different states and countries and of different religions, races, lifestyles and ages. Attend campus multicultural programs to become more personally aware, clearly understand issues, and anticipate where points of societal conflict may arise. The more you allow yourself to learn about others, the more you’ll learn about yourself.

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Organize your time well.

Develop a schedule that allows time for class attendance, studying, working, eating, attending campus activities and events, exercising, sleeping and having some fun. Then stick to that schedule. Use an organizing tool like a personal calendar to stay ahead of your deadlines.

Attend class and keep up with your studies.

You paid your fees, so attend the classes you’ve already paid for! Read your daily assignments, listen to the lectures and take notes, participate in class discussions, and ask questions. Look at the syllabus and get an early start on papers and reports. Once you fall behind, it is difficult to catch up.

Develop your study and test taking skills.

Learn how to use the library, become part of a study group, take advantage of the tutoring, writing and study skills labs. Study every day rather than trying to cram before an exam. By doing all or most of these things, the academic part of college will be easier for you.

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Be proactive rather than reactive.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to benefit from help. Work with your academic and faculty advisers as you select your courses, your major and your electives.

Find out about campus resources and then use them. There are many services available on campus. Ask questions about services and helpful resources, get to know staff members, read your handbook and catalog, walk the halls and see what offices offer services to students. Let campus administrators know if needed services are lacking.