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This is a new course all students in the Universities of Wisconsin are being required to take as part of the university’s compliance with federal requirements to educate students about sexual harassment and relationship violence.


Our objective through this program is to create a safer, supportive and more welcoming community for all students. Employees of the university will be taking a similar course beginning in January.

This is one part of a comprehensive strategy approved by the Universities of Wisconsin following two years of work by a system wide sexual assault task force. At UW-Green Bay these issues are not just statistics, but incidents which have affected the lives of real students and those around them. By working with all levels of campus, our goal is to reduce the risk of future events, and enable all students to have equal opportunities to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Note: It is recommended that you complete the course on a desktop or laptop computer using Google Chrome.

Vector Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I access this course?

Check your campus email inbox for an email from for the link or go to and begin the training.

2. Is this course mandatory?

Yes, this course is being required of all students. The only automatic exceptions are high school students taking UW-Green Bay courses in their high school, and special/ non-degree seeking students.

3. Is there a charge for this course?

No, there are no additional fees or charges for this course.

4. I am a victim of sexual assault and I am concerned taking this course will trigger some past issues for me. Do I need to take it?

We want to be sensitive to this issue and offer choices to those who at some point in their life had power and control taken away from them. We ask that you take the course up as far as you are comfortable. If you are unable to complete it, please contact Caitlin Henriksen to request an exception based on a past traumatic experience. She will set up a time to talk with you one on one either in person or by phone if you are an online only student.

Caitlin serves as our Health Educator and Sexual Assault Response Coordinator for UW-GREEN BAY and has extensive experience working with sexual assault victims of all ages. Please note she is a confidential reporter so your name will not be shared with anyone else unless there is a perceived personal safety concern for you or for others.

5. I’m a graduate student, and I received two notices. Do I have to take both?

You will only be required to complete the course Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students. If you received a second request, please forward it to Caitlin Henriksen with the explanation that you have already completed the graduate student course, and ask her to remove your name from the other course.

6. I am concerned about sharing too much confidential information. How private will this be and who can see it?

The Sexual Assault Prevention course will ask some questions you may consider to be personal. It does this by using either multiple choice, or a sliding scale (i.e. strongly agree to strongly disagree) options for answering questions. Answers will only be shared with the university after the data has been de-identified. So your answers are never connected directly to your account. For the most personal questions, there is an option for the user to select “I prefer not to respond”. The only individual information university officials will have access to is whether the user has started, is in progress, or has completed the course. 

7. I have already completed the Sexual Assault Prevention (formerly Think About It or Everfi) course while attending another UW school. Do I need to take it again?

Yes, even if you have completed the Think About It, Everfi or other Sexual Assault Prevention course at another campus, because the course reviews new campus and community specific policies and resources, you will need to take it again. This time you will learn what UW-GREEN BAY and all four campus communities have to offer you or your classmates who may need assistance.

8. I have already completed the Sexual Assault Prevention (formerly Think About It or Everfi) course while attending UW-Green Bay. Do I need to take it again?

If you have already taken the Sexual Assault Prevention course while attending a UW-GREEN BAY campus, please reach out to Caitlin Henriksen with the explanation that you have already completed the course, and ask her to remove your assignment. NOTE: If you completed the Sexual Assault Prevention Course for Undergraduates as a first year or transfer student, but now are a Graduate student assigned the Sexual Assault Prevention Course for Graduates, you will need to take the Graduate course.

9. I am an online only and/or non-traditional student. Do I need to take this course?

Yes, we recognize the content for this course needs to be adjusted to its audience, and has been. The version of the course you have been assigned is different from the one assigned to our traditional age, residential or on campus students. Please keep in mind some of your classmates still fall in that traditional category, so there is some overlap in the courses to assist you in working with classmates of all types and ages.

10. I have had similar trainings during my military service. Can that exempt me from taking this course?

No, we appreciate that all levels and branches of our military have stepped up their training in recent years around issues of sexual harassment and assault. This background will serve you well in many stages of your future endeavors. We will still require this training because of how it educates our campus community about the university’s policies and resources to assist individuals who have had to live through these encounters at any point in their life.

11. I was sanctioned to take a different Think About It/Everfi/Vector class for my alcohol or drug policy violation. Do I need to do this one too?

Yes, you will need to complete this course as well. There is very little overlap between the alcohol or drug courses and this one. So you have plenty of new information to learn to help protect yourself or those around you.