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Dean of Students Mission Statement

The Dean of Students Office supports the four campus, access-oriented university by cultivating safe and inclusive environments for academic and personal growth. Staff will respect the rights of students and provide guidance for self-advocacy through the education and communication of university policy and resources. In collaboration with students, faculty and staff, the Dean of Students Office will actively address barriers to success.

Vision Statement

Helping students rise to overcome barriers and achieve success.

Core Values

  1. Growth: Encouraging the development of problem-solving and self-advocacy skills using a resilience framework.
  2. Wellness: Helping students achieve a balance of physical, mental and social well-being.
  3. Collaboration: Aiding students to engage with resources that manage barriers and achieve success.
  4. Civility: Fostering an inclusive and equitable environment in which students are able to communicate boundaries and be accountable to one another.