Not Enough Aid?

The types and amounts of financial aid you are eligible for are determined by information you have provided on your annual FAFSA application and the availability of funds at the time of application. If you find that you do not have enough funding to cover your costs, there are a few options for you to explore.

  • Federal Parent PLUS Loan- This loan enables credit-worthy parents of undergraduate, dependent students to borrow funds to pay for their child's educational expenses.
  • Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan- This loan enables credit-worthy degree-seeking graduate students to borrow funds to pay for their educational expenses.
  • Private Educational Loan- The student is the borrower of this type of loan, with many lenders requiring co-signers if the student has little or no credit. The loans are not regulated by the government, and each lender will set its own interest rates and requirements.
  • Additional Expense Request Form- If you or your family (if you are a dependent student) have expenses that are above and beyond what you feel are typical, this form can be used to ask for consideration of your circumstances. Such requests can include high out of pocket medical costs, child care and high costs of commuting to and from the University.
  • Reduced Income Request Form- If one or more of your family members has experienced a reduction of income in the current tax year due to extenuating circumstances (lay-off, change of jobs, reduced hours, loss of child support, etc.), use this form to estimate your current year income and explain your circumstances.