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Cost of Attending

Plan ahead to make college affordable

Don't let the cost of college hold you back.

Yes, college is a big investment. But it also can pay off big for your future. Let's start by breaking down the numbers and the types of costs you'll have as a college student. We can help you understand the financial aid process and anticipate the cost of attendance.

Calculate Your Costs

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Cost of Attendance Breakdown

Cost of attendance (COA) is the total estimated expenses a student can expect for one year at UW-Green Bay. In addition to tuition, it includes books, supplies, room and board, transportation and miscellaneous expenses. We calculate cost of attendance to determine each student's eligibility for financial aid.

Direct vs. Indirect Costs

The first and possibly the most important cost to you should include the direct costs of attending a college. Direct costs are items you will need to pay for each semester. Some of these expenses will be billed to you by the University, like on-campus housing, tuition and dining plans. Things like Red Bull, ramen and a new reading lamp are all considered indirect costs and won't be added to your University bill.

College Costs


The price you are charged for taking classes. It is based on the number of credits in which you enroll. Tuition is billed on a semester basis and includes segregated fees, which help support student services, activities, programs and facilities.

Books & Supplies

The estimate of books and supplies is based on average costs for undergraduate and graduate students. A student's actual costs will vary based on major, year in school and types of courses taken.


The average cost a student pays for a place to stay while attending college. The amount of this allowance will differ for students living on or off campus with roommates, versus students who live with parents or relatives.

Board (Food)

Like housing, food costs are also calculated differently for students living on or off campus with roommates, versus commuter students living with parents. The cost is updated each year based on the projected increase in the university food services costs as well as student surveys.


Includes everyday living expenses such as laundry, toiletries and a modest spending allowance for clothing and activities.


A daily allowance for travel to and from school or occasional trips home for students living on campus. There is an additional allowance available for students with regular commutes exceeding 25 miles round trip.

Cost of Attendance

Estimate how much college will cost.

We use your Cost of Attendance to determine your eligibility for financial aid, but it is also an important tool for you to plan how much money you need to pay for college. Estimate your cost of attendance and get a clear picture of your education costs.

Calculate your Cost  

Net Price

Estimate your out-of-pocket costs.

The UW-Green Bay Net Price Calculator takes college financial planning a step further and lets you see how much aid you could receive.

Estimate your net price  

Questions? Just ask.

Understanding your cost of attendance and how it impacts your financial need can be a lot. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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