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Buy Books with Financial Aid

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The real cost is if you don't read them.

You have options when it comes to buying course materials each semester. If you purchase books through The Phoenix Bookstore, you may even charge them to your Student Information System (SIS) account or use Phlash Cash.

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Apply Financial Aid to Book Charges

Students must complete a Financial Aid Pay Permission in order for financial aid to apply toward any book charges that are in SIS at the time of disbursement. The first disbursement for each term is generally a couple business days before the first day of classes.

For a limited time each semester, you have the option to charge your book purchases to your student account in SIS using your nine-digit Student ID number. Student Billing Resources will add the cost of your books to your outstanding invoice (tuition, housing, etc.) in SIS.

This is a great option before the start of each semester when financial aid has yet to be applied to students' accounts in SIS. If aid has already been disbursed, payment of these charges is required by the payment due date each semester.

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We're Here to Help!

Buying books can be a little confusing, especially if you've never done it before. Contact us and we'll help answer your questions.

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