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Receive Your Financial Aid

Pay The Bills you can focus on studying and achieving your goals.

Here's where you check to make sure your financial aid was applied to your account, then get busy being a student. And do it with the confidence that comes from knowing you can afford your college degree.

Check SIS

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Disbursement of Aid

Disbursement of aid is when federal and state financial aid is released to your student billing account. Typically, financial aid is disbursed just before the term begins and regularly throughout each semester. You will want to become familiar with SIS (Student Information System) under 'Account Summary' to ensure that all funds that are 'pending' disburse at the correct time and are applied to your account in a timely manner.

Monitor Your Account

Don't assume that your pending aid will disburse to your account. It is your responsibility to monitor your account to ensure that your bill has been paid by the published due dates or payment arrangements have been made with Student Billing Resources. Aid applications and offers completed just prior to the beginning of the term may delay the disbursement dates, and any applicable late charges or fees will remain the responsibility of the student. Monitor the 'Account Summary' area of SIS regularly, and contact the Financial Aid Office if your aid does not come in when anticipated.

Excess Aid Refunds

After disbursement of aid, if a student's financial aid exceeds the balance due on the student's account, a refund will be generated two business days later. Students are encouraged to sign up for electronic refunds, which will allow any excess aid to be deposited directly into the student's bank account. Refunds are available on or after the first day of classes. Recently dropped credits and/or the existence of waitlisted courses will prevent students from receiving their refunds within this timeframe.

Federal Direct Student Loans

If you are accepting federal direct loans for the academic year, and have not borrowed previously, you must complete loan entrance counseling and submit a master promissory note.

Private Scholarships & Other Outside Aid

Many times, funds from private scholarships and/or loans will come straight to the University for payment to your account balance. If you are expecting private scholarships or other outside aid (private loans, tribal assistance, etc), you'll want to keep track of those disbursements to the University on your own. You can view any aid posted to your account in SIS under Account Activity. The University is not responsible for tracking aid that has not arrived to UW-Green Bay's Student Billing Resources. Please contact the awarding organization if your funds have not arrived or have not been disbursed to your account.

Enrollment Changes

Not sure whether you will be full-time, part-time or dropping credits? Offers typically assume full-time enrollment. Your aid may be adjusted if your enrollment changes. Find out more.

Enrollment Changes

General Payment & Refund Information

Financial aid is disbursed regularly throughout each term. Financial aid funds will be applied first to your tuition, fees, housing and other charges on your account. If your financial aid amount exceeds your balance due, a refund will be generated two business days after disbursement. Recently dropped credits and/or the existence of waitlisted courses may prevent students from receiving their refunds within this timeframe.

Student Billing Resources

The Student Billing Resources Office handles all payments and tuition billing for the term. If you are looking to pay your balance in person, pick up a refund check or pay for parking, this is the place you will go.

  • Review semester tuition due dates, fees and any other charges on the Student Billing Resources website.
  • If any of your financial aid will be late or delayed (including scholarships, loans or other outside aid), you will want to stop in the Student Billing Resources office to explore your options.
  • Any financial aid remaining will be disbursed to the student according to the Student Billing refund process.

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