The U.S. Department of Education uses the data on your FAFSA to calculate an Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC is an indicator of your family's financial strength. Family income, assets, household size, number in college, and parent age (if applicable) are considered in the federal methodology for calculating EFC. The Financial Aid Office will subtract your EFC from the total cost of attendance. The result is your financial need.

The EFC is not the amount of money that your family must provide. Rather, you should think of the EFC as an index that colleges use to determine how much and what types of financial aid (grants, loans, or work-study) you would receive if you were to attend that school.

Your application results are transmitted to the school(s) listed on your FAFSA, and the school(s) uses the EFC to determine the amount and type of financial aid that you are eligible to receive from both state and federal programs.

An estimate of your Expected Family Contribution can be calculated by clicking the link below. Please note that this is only an EFC estimate and is not an estimate of aid eligibility. No financial information will be sent to the Department of Education from this link.