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Repeating Coursework

Federal regulations require that institutions monitor students taking repeat coursework and determine financial aid eligibility based on that review. Information found on the Registrar's website will address institutional policy regarding repeats. The regulation does not affect institutional policy, but it does restrict when a student can receive aid for the repeated course.

The regulation states only one repeat of a course can be funded by financial aid if the student has previously passed the course. This applies regardless of whether or not you received aid for any of your previous attempts.

Repeating Courses Q&A

I took a class once and failed (or withdrew from it), can I get aid to attempt it again?

Yes, you can receive aid. Failing a course or withdrawing from a course is not affected by this regulatory change. However, you may be affected by the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

My first attempt I received a "D" in my course. I need a "C" for my major so I am taking it a second time. Will it count for financial aid purposes?

Yes, it will count since it is just your second attempt of a previously passed course.

I took a class once and received a "D" so I took it again. The second time I took it I received an "F". I need this course to graduate (or I need it to get into my major, etc). Can I get aid for the third attempt?

You cannot receive aid for that third attempt because you had already passed it once and you are allowed funding for one repeat. Although you failed in the second attempt, that was the "one repeat" that was allowed.

I never received financial aid before so when I received the "D", and the "F", I had paid for those. Now I have applied for aid. Why does that affect me now?

The regulation makes no distinction between whether aid was or was not received. Therefore, the basic rule applies – You have previously passed a course and have repeated it once after that. You cannot be funded for any future attempts.

If I have to take the course but I am not eligible for aid, how big of an impact will that be for me?

The impact will vary from student to student, and it is suggested that you speak with a Financial Aid Advisor.

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