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Summer Aid Application

Your aid eligibility for the summer term will depend on the timing of your courses as well as other factors, so you’ll need to register first in order for us to determine your eligibility. You will be notified via campus email once your summer aid application is ready in SIS.

Eligibility for Summer Aid

Complete the Summer Aid Application if:

  1. You are a UW-Green Bay, degree-seeking student.
  2. You have filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the upcoming academic year.
  3. You are requesting Federal Direct Loan. You must be enrolled half time in SIS in order for the Financial Aid Office to offer you Direct Loan funding for the summer (6 credits for undergraduates, 5 for graduates).

Undergraduate students interested in Summer Pell Grant only do NOT have to submit additional information to the Financial Aid Office. We will offer aid based upon your enrollment.

We're Here to Help.

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