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Payment Agreement

The Payment Agreement is an electronic consent and fee payment contract that outlines the terms and conditions of enrollment at UW-Green Bay. Here's a sample Payment Agreement. All students are required to review and accept the fee Payment Agreement for each term that you will be registering for classes. The payment agreement must be electronically signed on your SIS account. Once the agreement has been accepted, the registration hold will be immediately released from your SIS account.

Payment Agreement Hold

  1. Approximately two weeks before registration starts each term, a hold will automatically be placed on all student accounts that will restrict you from registering until you review and accept the Payment Agreement.
  2. The Registrar Office will send out notifications to students at same time the hold is placed on student SIS accounts. The email contains registration information, along with a reminder to review all holds on your SIS account.
  3. Students must complete the payment agreement in SIS. Completing the Electronic Consent and Electronic Payment Agreement is an online process from the student's SIS account and is available prior to student's registration date.
  4. Once student completes all the Payment Agreement, the hold will automatically release, allowing enrollment for new term classes.

Don't worry if you missed it. If a student waits to electronically sign the Payment Agreement until their registration date, the process is very simple and should not delay class enrollment more than a few minutes.

How to Complete the Consent and Payment Agreement

  1. Log in to SIS.
  2. Go to the “To Do List” section on your SIS Student Center page and click Payment Agreement.
  3. Click each step in the "Task Progress" shown on the left of the screen. Review and complete required fields.
  4. Remember to click "save" on each page before going onto the next step.
  5. Once you accept the agreement terms and conditions, Click the "Finish" button on the Complete Task screen.
  6. The hold for the Payment Agreement will automatically release and you will be able to begin enrolling in the new term classes.

For detailed how-to instructions, see Payment Agreement Hold Help.

Payment Agreement Notes
  • To know which term the Payment Agreement hold is for, student can click "Details" located in the "Holds" box on Student Center SIS home page.
  • Each student is asked for their marital status, when completing the agreement. It may seem odd, but this is a requirement of the Wisconsin Marital Property Act. It is a state law that, if you're married, notification must be sent to your spouse because the Payment Agreement is an extension of credit.

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